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Monday, 30 January 2017

Fall in Love with Your Oriflame Sales This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a great way to increase your customer base and improve on your Oriflame sales especially with men who often are clueless about what to get their partner as a gift. Here are some of my favourite tips and gift basket ideas for the romantic in all of us.
Dust off those poetry skills.
Why not add a poem to the front of your Oriflame Catalogues?
"Roses are Red, Lipstick is too.
Your secret admirer can buy from me too.
Have a quick look and circle your choice,
Hand it to HIM so he can rejoice." 
How to Display your Oriflame Catalogues
Often around holiday selling times I like to add special treats to my Catalogue bags to entice customers to buy. Valentine’s day works best if you add Sweets to 'sweeten' your customer up.
But don't use chocolate! It can melt and create a huge mess. The best Sweets to use (if you can find them) are those old-fashioned hearts with writing on them. If you can't find them, any heart shaped Sweet will work. 
Gift Basket Ideas 
Men always need ideas on what to get their loved ones for Valentine's Day so make things easy on them! Offer Ready Made Gift Baskets in certain themes.

Here are my favourite themed gift baskets for Valentine's Day (make sure you price them well too):

Feet Treat Basket
Fill a basket with Oriflame Foot care products, a nail brush and a Foot Bath too. 
Add a 'certificate' from the gift giver for a FREE foot massage.

So Sexy Swedish Spa Delights Basket 
Fill your basket with a few Swedish Spa products, a scented candle and a CD of romantic music. All she must do is have a bath and enjoy a fun evening (*wink*).

Red Hot Mama Basket
A A bottle of perfume (Love Potion perfume works well because of the sexy red bottle), a bright red Oriflame lipstick and some shimmer powder. Add red tissue paper to the gift basket. (You can add more items to this gift basket depending on what price you want to make it, but make sure they are coloured RED).

I'm sure you can come up with many more creative ideas as well!

Why Join Oriflame?

High Quality Affordable Products
- Established 40 Years and Trusted
- Opportunity Open to All
- Fabulous Incentives + Recognition
- No-Obligation once Joined
- Fun + Home Based Way to Earn

How to Make Money

- Sell Products via Catalogue - Hold Beauty Demonstrations - Hold Opportunity Presentations - Build a Team of Consultants - Earn Commission

Personal Development

As you grow a team of consultants and your customer base, you will rise up the ladder of Oriflame success and earn more commission. There are also several incentives to get you going!