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Thursday, 8 January 2015


Just as food and drink has beauty care a best before date; and the use of makeup and skincare as expired can cause skin and eye irritation, pimples and blemishes. It may sound complicated but sustainability in beauty care is actually a lot of common sense: just as with anything that is edible when odor, color or texture changes, it is a sign that the product is fit off the best before date. To learn more, check out the Oriflame guide that helps you to estimate how long some of your most common beauty products hold.
Facial Cream
A general rule is that a face cream should not be kept for more than 6 months. Some ingredients, such as essential oils and active ingredients, can shorten the shelf life even more. Also, if your moisturizer contains SPF, the level of suncream decrease with time. Keep your creams cool and dry; and with well knit cap. Ideally, you should use a spatula when applying the product, rather than your fingers.

Liquid foundations are usually water-based, which means that bacteria thrive very well. An unopened bottle can last up to two years but as soon as you open it, you should replace it after 6 to 12 months. Keep this product away from humid environment like the bathroom, and heat, as this promotes the development of bacteria. Any change in odor or color, or if the product separates, showing that it is old.

Powder (such as face powder, blush or contour powder) usually do not contain any water, and, theoretically, make it to last longer than creamy or liquid products: up to 24 months after they opened. Remember that your makeup brush may still contain traces of dirt and moisture from others and to do so they end up in the powder. Take the time to allow a product to sink in and dry before applying the next; and make sure that you clean your brushes regularly.

All products are applied around the eyes is in contact with a mucous membrane repeatedly, which means that they can pick up bacteria easily and then transfer them back to the eye again. This also applies eyeliner and eye shadow, but pay extra attention to your mascara, because the bacteria have a tendency to sprout in the sleeve. Replace your mascara every three months to be completely safe; or if it develops a distinct gasoline smell then it indicates that it is old.

Then it usually contains no water is lipsticks among the more prolonged the makeup products. But given the constant contact with the mouth, lipstick quite prone to attract bacteria and impurities, which can blossom with time in the sleeve. Generally it is good to replace your lipstick after one year, or if you have been sick. Also observe the smell and texture; and discard the product if it smells musty or it gets hard and crumbles.

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