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Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Basics on Make-Up

Ok, we are all ladies (well, I truly hope, we are :-)), but which exact number of us can brag themselves to know to apply make-up in the right order? Let’s count raised hands! The situation is much worse than expected! For me, it doesn’t present any fuss at all, to confess that I wasn’t entirely sure in exact order, before any preparation for writing this article! But, I did my homework (and I did it, pretty well-at least, by my worldwide-famous, the most “humble” opinion: -PPPP). So, you ignorant women :-), check out in what exact order you should apply your make-up.
Just one small note before start :-). In order to, every single one of you, be absolute and in fully known with this whole method, I’m gonna use very plain technique for explaining (step-by step, one). I will lead with the assumption that you are a real rookie, when it comes to make-up :-). So, no hard feelings, please :-). I have, also, in plan to divide this article into, at least two parts. I hope, that among all of you, have the ones, which possess, a bit, more patience and will, in order to actually learn something new. So, here we go :-)
Extra tip- Before applying, you should make sure that you have absolutely everything of the make-up “equipment”, which you might be needed at some point in this process (like: various (clean) applicators, all sizes of brushes, sponges, tissues etc.). Maybe, it isn’t bad idea that you lay these tools, by the exact order of which you’re gonna use them. That’s gonna, pretty much, be helpful to all of you “newbies”: -PPP, in order to memorize the correct order of application, rather than guessing or, even, to take a risk by doing it incorrectly. I hope, that is completely unnecessary to emphasize, that you have to be absolutely sure that you have suitable shades, primarily of your concealer and foundation, and then for the blush, and lipsticks, eye shadows…
Another, quite an important thing, which goes just right before make-up, is to make sure that your face is proper preparation (meaning that is free of any make-up, without any little hair (especially, in your mouth area) and properly moisturized. My personal advice is to apply an oil-free moisturizer, which isn’t gonna only provide for your facial skin a bit smoother finish, after cleansing, but it’s gonna, actually, stop your facial skin from creating excess oil. Not to mention that the proper moisturizer will be of a really huge help, when it comes to maintaining any makeup application. Feel free to try out this technique and see in its high efficiency for yourself!
1.     STEP- You Should Use a Make-up Primer;
I think, there isn’t any necessity at all, for stressing out of how truly vital importance is to use top quality make-up primer. It should be applied just after your moisturizer and right before your concealer. They usually come in the gel forms and the best given results you can get, if you apply it with your own fingers. Please, don’t make rookie mistakes, don’t apply the primer on your entire face, you should apply only on those surfaces on your face, where the makeup comes off the most easily, such as the areas around your chin and nose (so called, the T-zone), eyelids, and lips. You should be sure that you gave your primer enough time to “settle down” and that your facial skin soak it up entirely, before you proceed with further make-up applying.

And, that will be all from me, this time. If you find this article, written above, pretty interesting and very instructive, then you should join me in the next sequel of this short makeup course. Till then, I amicably greet you :-).

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