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Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Basics on Make-Up 2nd part

Allow me to express my excitement regarding your being here with me :-). That’s the very best proof that you wanna learn in what exact order you should make up. Where we have stopped last time? Yeah, right. We have finished explaining the first step in make-up, and that is priming. If it's all clear, I'd like to move on to the second step :-).
2. STEP- You Should Use Your Concealer;
If you have the problematic facial skin, with small pimples and scars (like I do) or any type of discoloration a good coverage concealer presents the absolute “must have” assessor in your cosmetic purse. I’ve been using, for years now, a top quality “The ONE IlluSkin Concealer” from Swedish cosmetic house Oriflame and I am pretty much satisfied, primarily by its great power of full masking and non-sticky formulation. This concealer has been made in three shades, depending on the color of your facial skin. I only apply on the problematic areas on my face and then gently blend in with the tip of my pointer finger. Keep in mind, every tiny detail is pretty much visible, if you are natural blonde with very pale skin, like me. I use my concealer on a daily base, even when I don’t intend to further make-up my face.
3. STEP- Then You Should Apply Foundation;
          The foundation is mainly using in order to get flawless and to equalize your facial skin complexion. When it comes to applying the foundation, you should absolutely sure that the shade you have will match with your skin tone of is that shade slightly lighter. From my, really vast range of experience, with the most various foundation shades, I can honestly tell you that I am serving with a tiny trick. I combined two shades of my foundation (by the way, I am faithful to Oriflame’s “The ONE IlluSkin Foundation”) - Natural Beige and Porcelain, and I am more than satisfied with the results. Although, a friend of mine, have recently told me that she have used “Very Me Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow” also made by Oriflame and that she was thrilled with the first visible results, I’ll check it up and tell you my honest judgment :-).
Either way, when I am applying my foundation (after mixing up these two shades), I apply it on a bit larger dots (twice as bigger than the dots of a concealer, to be precise :-)) on the central spots of my face (especially, on my T-zone) and then I blend outwards with the latex sponge applicator, in order to get as much even skin tone as possible. That “process” should, by now, that has eliminated any skin tone variations and should have left your facial skin with a nice smooth, supple and even complexion, ready for the rest of the makeup stages, to be applied.

These make-up rules and tricks should be familiar with every single one of us. So, that at any time, day or night, would be sure that you're having the flawless makeup, at any occasion. That should be the essence feature of every true lady. That’s at least, some of my views of the things, it doesn't necessarily have to mean that is the bare true. Perhaps, that is my truth :-). In the end, every one of us has the right to think and do things in accordance with their own thoughts, right? If you're sharing my views regarding make-up, feel absolutely free to join me in the following section :-).

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