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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Make Your Life Your Own Fairy Tale

When I was a little girl, my mum used to talk to me (and to my little sisters, as well) the most various fairy tales, about far away kingdoms, handsome princes and their stunning and utterly beautiful princesses, which fate miraculously fasten and left tied up for a lifetime, primarily with unquestioned loyalty, and then with the immense amount of love, which is unbeatable, no matter how strong the forces of evil, which are having primarily in mind to separate them, were. Every single one of these stories had, at its end, the same lesson-the good always beats bad, no matter what. These stories had the huge impact on my further, overall, development. 
Although, I consider myself a grown up woman (well, I am 27 :-)) I still believe in fairy tales. Of course not literally, but I  DO believe in the one lesson, that these people, who are doing the right thing, that that good will, surely, return to them (at the same point in life) and at the very end of the each "road" the good always overcomes the evil. I believe that, I have many times before, said that the most favorite fairy tale is "Snow White and the seven dwarfs", but I love them all, almost, equally :-). (P.S. this lengthy introduction has the point, you have my word! Patience, please :-) :-)).
As being a true and devoted fairy tale lover :-), you can image my reaction when I have, came across, the TV commercial, in which, neither more nor less, famous Hollywood actress (and one of my favorites, too) Demi Moore in Disney’s Cinderella Style advertises her brand new perfume!!! I was literary wasted of excitement! I don't really know, for what exactly fact was I more blown away, whether that's because of Demi, or what the commercial was inspired from one of a fairy tale themes! Either way, that perfume I had to possess. In order to find out a bit more about that magical fragrance, I've searched it up on the net, and I found out that it produces, neither more nor less, than my favorite cosmetic company- Oriflame and the perfume is originally called: "More by Demi Eau De Perfume". I think that is pointless to stress out, that I’ve ordered it at once and was more than pleasantly surprised by its adorable scent! The perfect mixture between its adorable notes- of an utterly fresh green mandarin and the cute flower of the white peach at the top; white flowers of lovable Tahitian ylang-ylang and elegant Arabian jasmine in its heart, and, as cream on the cake :-)- creamy sandalwood and white lilies, at its base. This mighty fragrance offers nothing but the best features- very seductive sensuality, highly gratification and sophistication. This blend is signed by the world famous perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin.
          You can find this simply majestic fragrance, with the most famine notes, which you could imagine, in Oriflame’s latestbrochure and it is MORE than ready to be purchased by you :-), jet today! This perfume isn’t for any reason loved by the women all around the globe! Feel free to order it, and see for yourself! If it counts anything, you have my personal guarantees that you won’t be wrong :-)!

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