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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Geometric Glam

As being a grown up woman, a unique set of the trendy jewelry, presents absolutely must have, regardless of a season and the kind of the jewelry. What really counts here, that these jewelries present a suitable combination with my dressed combination of the day. I don’t think so, that between me and some other European women, of refined class and taste (hey, I’ve been pretty modest here :-))))) there are many, of the significant differences. Like, I have, so many times already, stressing out, that for all the women (who are walking on this ground, which we called Earth), their physical appearance means a lot (I am, deliberately, avoiding to use the adverb "crucial" because, I have faith in this society. I strongly believe (or, at least, strive to believe) that we aren’t so shallow society, in which everything is based on just our physical appearance! As, one of the (numerous) parts of the Bond 007 movies is named: “Tomorrow Never Dies” :-) (from 1997.), meaning- the hope dies last.
However, the leading companies, which are dealing with the jewelry production, have noticed our strange addition (and weakness) to a fashion jewelry and are, literary, competing among each other, who will design the best piece of unique and stunning jewelry. I think, that is, absolutely, pointless that I am stressing out that each piece of this exquisite jewelry is equal to a cost of an average household! Regardless of the material, which have been used for its creation. It’s a sure thing, that unique jewelry, which have been made of the finest and purest materials, be it of gold or even, diamonds, are awfully expensive. It’s pretty hardly, that each of us, would ever have the chance to, even, wears that highly exquisite piece of jewelry, not to mention of possessing it. For me, that is in range of Science Fiction movies :-)!!! As Marilyn Monroe has said that the diamonds are the women best friends, I totally agree with her statement, although I have to notice that this friendship would be based only on money, said in other words-that kind of a “highly loyal” and “utterly honest” friendship would be pretty much expensive and very few people in this world could afford it! The same refers to, already mentioned films of an English spy James Bond 007, which is named: “Diamonds Are Forever” (from 1971.) (Yes, you are a good guesser, I’m a huge fan of all the parts of a Bond movie :-)). Again, totally agree, although that “perpetuity” is pretty questionable, when it comes to its price :-)!
For us, the regular mortal ladies :-), intend some cheaper pieces of jewelry. I, personally, prefer that better is to possess a few pieces of top trendy jewelry, which present the perfect match with my daily outfit, than to possess just one, utterly expensive piece of a jewelry, that I have to (besides being sick of worry that someone doesn’t steal it) fit my daily wardrobe, in order to fit my jewelry, when it should be the other way around!
So, in its latest catalog Oriflame has in its offer an exquisite set of trendy jewelry, which is both; petty affordable for all the women worldwide, and, at the same time, ultra-fashionable and simply magnificent and fits in just perfectly in, almost, your every clothes combination. With this trendy Shimmering Necklace and stylish Shimmering Earrings you will be noticed! That’s for sure! Hurry up, this stunning set presents a limited edition, so you should order at once!

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