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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Make Your Life Your Own Fairy Tale

When I was a little girl, my mum used to talk to me (and to my little sisters, as well) the most various fairy tales, about far away kingdoms, handsome princes and their stunning and utterly beautiful princesses, which fate miraculously fasten and left tied up for a lifetime, primarily with unquestioned loyalty, and then with the immense amount of love, which is unbeatable, no matter how strong the forces of evil, which are having primarily in mind to separate them, were. Every single one of these stories had, at its end, the same lesson-the good always beats bad, no matter what. These stories had the huge impact on my further, overall, development. 
Although, I consider myself a grown up woman (well, I am 27 :-)) I still believe in fairy tales. Of course not literally, but I  DO believe in the one lesson, that these people, who are doing the right thing, that that good will, surely, return to them (at the same point in life) and at the very end of the each "road" the good always overcomes the evil. I believe that, I have many times before, said that the most favorite fairy tale is "Snow White and the seven dwarfs", but I love them all, almost, equally :-). (P.S. this lengthy introduction has the point, you have my word! Patience, please :-) :-)).
As being a true and devoted fairy tale lover :-), you can image my reaction when I have, came across, the TV commercial, in which, neither more nor less, famous Hollywood actress (and one of my favorites, too) Demi Moore in Disney’s Cinderella Style advertises her brand new perfume!!! I was literary wasted of excitement! I don't really know, for what exactly fact was I more blown away, whether that's because of Demi, or what the commercial was inspired from one of a fairy tale themes! Either way, that perfume I had to possess. In order to find out a bit more about that magical fragrance, I've searched it up on the net, and I found out that it produces, neither more nor less, than my favorite cosmetic company- Oriflame and the perfume is originally called: "More by Demi Eau De Perfume". I think that is pointless to stress out, that I’ve ordered it at once and was more than pleasantly surprised by its adorable scent! The perfect mixture between its adorable notes- of an utterly fresh green mandarin and the cute flower of the white peach at the top; white flowers of lovable Tahitian ylang-ylang and elegant Arabian jasmine in its heart, and, as cream on the cake :-)- creamy sandalwood and white lilies, at its base. This mighty fragrance offers nothing but the best features- very seductive sensuality, highly gratification and sophistication. This blend is signed by the world famous perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin.
          You can find this simply majestic fragrance, with the most famine notes, which you could imagine, in Oriflame’s latestbrochure and it is MORE than ready to be purchased by you :-), jet today! This perfume isn’t for any reason loved by the women all around the globe! Feel free to order it, and see for yourself! If it counts anything, you have my personal guarantees that you won’t be wrong :-)!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Geometric Glam

As being a grown up woman, a unique set of the trendy jewelry, presents absolutely must have, regardless of a season and the kind of the jewelry. What really counts here, that these jewelries present a suitable combination with my dressed combination of the day. I don’t think so, that between me and some other European women, of refined class and taste (hey, I’ve been pretty modest here :-))))) there are many, of the significant differences. Like, I have, so many times already, stressing out, that for all the women (who are walking on this ground, which we called Earth), their physical appearance means a lot (I am, deliberately, avoiding to use the adverb "crucial" because, I have faith in this society. I strongly believe (or, at least, strive to believe) that we aren’t so shallow society, in which everything is based on just our physical appearance! As, one of the (numerous) parts of the Bond 007 movies is named: “Tomorrow Never Dies” :-) (from 1997.), meaning- the hope dies last.
However, the leading companies, which are dealing with the jewelry production, have noticed our strange addition (and weakness) to a fashion jewelry and are, literary, competing among each other, who will design the best piece of unique and stunning jewelry. I think, that is, absolutely, pointless that I am stressing out that each piece of this exquisite jewelry is equal to a cost of an average household! Regardless of the material, which have been used for its creation. It’s a sure thing, that unique jewelry, which have been made of the finest and purest materials, be it of gold or even, diamonds, are awfully expensive. It’s pretty hardly, that each of us, would ever have the chance to, even, wears that highly exquisite piece of jewelry, not to mention of possessing it. For me, that is in range of Science Fiction movies :-)!!! As Marilyn Monroe has said that the diamonds are the women best friends, I totally agree with her statement, although I have to notice that this friendship would be based only on money, said in other words-that kind of a “highly loyal” and “utterly honest” friendship would be pretty much expensive and very few people in this world could afford it! The same refers to, already mentioned films of an English spy James Bond 007, which is named: “Diamonds Are Forever” (from 1971.) (Yes, you are a good guesser, I’m a huge fan of all the parts of a Bond movie :-)). Again, totally agree, although that “perpetuity” is pretty questionable, when it comes to its price :-)!
For us, the regular mortal ladies :-), intend some cheaper pieces of jewelry. I, personally, prefer that better is to possess a few pieces of top trendy jewelry, which present the perfect match with my daily outfit, than to possess just one, utterly expensive piece of a jewelry, that I have to (besides being sick of worry that someone doesn’t steal it) fit my daily wardrobe, in order to fit my jewelry, when it should be the other way around!
So, in its latest catalog Oriflame has in its offer an exquisite set of trendy jewelry, which is both; petty affordable for all the women worldwide, and, at the same time, ultra-fashionable and simply magnificent and fits in just perfectly in, almost, your every clothes combination. With this trendy Shimmering Necklace and stylish Shimmering Earrings you will be noticed! That’s for sure! Hurry up, this stunning set presents a limited edition, so you should order at once!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Basics on Make-Up 2nd part

Allow me to express my excitement regarding your being here with me :-). That’s the very best proof that you wanna learn in what exact order you should make up. Where we have stopped last time? Yeah, right. We have finished explaining the first step in make-up, and that is priming. If it's all clear, I'd like to move on to the second step :-).
2. STEP- You Should Use Your Concealer;
If you have the problematic facial skin, with small pimples and scars (like I do) or any type of discoloration a good coverage concealer presents the absolute “must have” assessor in your cosmetic purse. I’ve been using, for years now, a top quality “The ONE IlluSkin Concealer” from Swedish cosmetic house Oriflame and I am pretty much satisfied, primarily by its great power of full masking and non-sticky formulation. This concealer has been made in three shades, depending on the color of your facial skin. I only apply on the problematic areas on my face and then gently blend in with the tip of my pointer finger. Keep in mind, every tiny detail is pretty much visible, if you are natural blonde with very pale skin, like me. I use my concealer on a daily base, even when I don’t intend to further make-up my face.
3. STEP- Then You Should Apply Foundation;
          The foundation is mainly using in order to get flawless and to equalize your facial skin complexion. When it comes to applying the foundation, you should absolutely sure that the shade you have will match with your skin tone of is that shade slightly lighter. From my, really vast range of experience, with the most various foundation shades, I can honestly tell you that I am serving with a tiny trick. I combined two shades of my foundation (by the way, I am faithful to Oriflame’s “The ONE IlluSkin Foundation”) - Natural Beige and Porcelain, and I am more than satisfied with the results. Although, a friend of mine, have recently told me that she have used “Very Me Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow” also made by Oriflame and that she was thrilled with the first visible results, I’ll check it up and tell you my honest judgment :-).
Either way, when I am applying my foundation (after mixing up these two shades), I apply it on a bit larger dots (twice as bigger than the dots of a concealer, to be precise :-)) on the central spots of my face (especially, on my T-zone) and then I blend outwards with the latex sponge applicator, in order to get as much even skin tone as possible. That “process” should, by now, that has eliminated any skin tone variations and should have left your facial skin with a nice smooth, supple and even complexion, ready for the rest of the makeup stages, to be applied.

These make-up rules and tricks should be familiar with every single one of us. So, that at any time, day or night, would be sure that you're having the flawless makeup, at any occasion. That should be the essence feature of every true lady. That’s at least, some of my views of the things, it doesn't necessarily have to mean that is the bare true. Perhaps, that is my truth :-). In the end, every one of us has the right to think and do things in accordance with their own thoughts, right? If you're sharing my views regarding make-up, feel absolutely free to join me in the following section :-).

Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Basics on Make-Up

Ok, we are all ladies (well, I truly hope, we are :-)), but which exact number of us can brag themselves to know to apply make-up in the right order? Let’s count raised hands! The situation is much worse than expected! For me, it doesn’t present any fuss at all, to confess that I wasn’t entirely sure in exact order, before any preparation for writing this article! But, I did my homework (and I did it, pretty well-at least, by my worldwide-famous, the most “humble” opinion: -PPPP). So, you ignorant women :-), check out in what exact order you should apply your make-up.
Just one small note before start :-). In order to, every single one of you, be absolute and in fully known with this whole method, I’m gonna use very plain technique for explaining (step-by step, one). I will lead with the assumption that you are a real rookie, when it comes to make-up :-). So, no hard feelings, please :-). I have, also, in plan to divide this article into, at least two parts. I hope, that among all of you, have the ones, which possess, a bit, more patience and will, in order to actually learn something new. So, here we go :-)
Extra tip- Before applying, you should make sure that you have absolutely everything of the make-up “equipment”, which you might be needed at some point in this process (like: various (clean) applicators, all sizes of brushes, sponges, tissues etc.). Maybe, it isn’t bad idea that you lay these tools, by the exact order of which you’re gonna use them. That’s gonna, pretty much, be helpful to all of you “newbies”: -PPP, in order to memorize the correct order of application, rather than guessing or, even, to take a risk by doing it incorrectly. I hope, that is completely unnecessary to emphasize, that you have to be absolutely sure that you have suitable shades, primarily of your concealer and foundation, and then for the blush, and lipsticks, eye shadows…
Another, quite an important thing, which goes just right before make-up, is to make sure that your face is proper preparation (meaning that is free of any make-up, without any little hair (especially, in your mouth area) and properly moisturized. My personal advice is to apply an oil-free moisturizer, which isn’t gonna only provide for your facial skin a bit smoother finish, after cleansing, but it’s gonna, actually, stop your facial skin from creating excess oil. Not to mention that the proper moisturizer will be of a really huge help, when it comes to maintaining any makeup application. Feel free to try out this technique and see in its high efficiency for yourself!
1.     STEP- You Should Use a Make-up Primer;
I think, there isn’t any necessity at all, for stressing out of how truly vital importance is to use top quality make-up primer. It should be applied just after your moisturizer and right before your concealer. They usually come in the gel forms and the best given results you can get, if you apply it with your own fingers. Please, don’t make rookie mistakes, don’t apply the primer on your entire face, you should apply only on those surfaces on your face, where the makeup comes off the most easily, such as the areas around your chin and nose (so called, the T-zone), eyelids, and lips. You should be sure that you gave your primer enough time to “settle down” and that your facial skin soak it up entirely, before you proceed with further make-up applying.

And, that will be all from me, this time. If you find this article, written above, pretty interesting and very instructive, then you should join me in the next sequel of this short makeup course. Till then, I amicably greet you :-).

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