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Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Power of Nature And Oriflame Science

I have to reveal to you all, that I am a huge fan of BB Cream. That cream presented my best ally during this summer. Not only, that I was, literary, bewitch with its power to even out my face texture (I have combined facial skin, with small cute spots in the T zone), allow the perfect coverage and alignment of skin color, but it, at the same time, provided for my skin a healthy, quite natural glow (it has been made of an oil-free formula). I bought a BB cream of a medium shade. At first, I thought that it’s gonna be too dark and will provide a truly high contrast with my neck’s pretty pale skin complexion. But, luckily, during this hot summer months, I got a beautiful, chocolate tan and I was able to wear my new BB cream. The previous summer (I know that it isn’t officially ended, but according to this, pretty annoying, rain outside, the men would, hardly, believed that it’s still summer) was one of my best summers, which I have ever had. At the same time, I was absolutely sure, that my facial skin was properly moisturized, all day long and highly protected from the harsh sun rays (it contained SPF 30). I was utterly pleased with its effectiveness and affordability.
While scrolling through the latest catalog, of the famous Swedish cosmetics company, Oriflame, I discovered some pretty amazing news (which are gonna trill the women worldwide, that’s for sure!). After the outstanding edition of the mighty BB cream of their cosmetics company, they are now launching, a brand new, innovated formula, of this magnificent and very efficiency BB cream, calling it now: “Optimals Even Out CC Face Cream”. I was so excited, when I’ve found up, that I’ve decided to find out as many details as I could. Here you are some of my “revelations” :-).
This “Optimals Even Out CC Face Cream” presents, in fact, a mixture of the power of nature and science. Its patented LINGON 50:50™ formula has the unique power, which neutralizes all the effects of environmental, (such as an oxidative stress) and, at the same time, empowers your skin, in order to be more resistant and healthy, by delivering 3x more antioxidant protection with patented LINGON 50:50™ formula combined with Rumex Active (a sort of a plant extract with skin brightening properties). It achieves its high efficiency, simply by cutting down the melanin production, which, in time, surely will lead to reducing the formation of your skin pigmentation, thus helping to even skin tone. It is suitable for all skin types and for all ages. Its formula is enriched with SPF 20, which is essential and presents absolutely necessity amount of protection of the following windy a rainy autumn.
It has scientifically been proven that this CC cream provides the major 9 benefits to our facial skin:
1.     Helps you in PREVENTING your facial DARK SPOTS;
2.     BRIGHTENS your whole skin COMPLEXION;
3.     Instants your COLOR CORRECTION;
4.     Helps you to MINIMIZE your PORES;
5.     SMOOTHES your facial skin TEXTURE;
7.     Provides ALL DAY MATTE FINISH;
8.     HYDRATES your skin and
9.     POSSESSES protection factor, SPF 20.

All that in just one, pretty small tube of 50 ml. I don’t know how about you, but I’m not planning to skip this unique offer to possess this outstanding and really potent facial cream. Even, this is theirs brand new product, it’s available, on the global markets, by a special low price. Feel free to seek it up in their latest brochure. And, if you are one of Oriflame’s members, you can buy this lovely face cream for an even lower price. So, hurry up and order it right today!

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