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Sunday, 21 September 2014

The Most Wanted Fashion Pick

It shows exact time, it looks more than attractive and utterly sophisticated on our gentle wrists and if are they perfectly paired with the rest of our daily outfit, then they seem more than ravishing and trendy. Can you guess, from the above given description what they, actually, are? :-) Yes, you are right-they are watches!  
          Whether they are oversized and in vivid colors or tiny and square-faced, be they bedazzled or understated, one is sure- women’s watches have become, and this season’s, indisputable necessarily trendy accessory. The trend in women’s watches is constantly moving toward brand new and more feminine styles. Not only, have watches presented one of the most favorite accessory for women around the globe, but many of them have more than just one piece (I am assuming that I would be satisfied with the average number of watches, which are gonna be suitable for every single my outfit :-). I always have been so “modest”, that’s mine the biggest virtue :-P)
What are the hottest watches, nowadays?
I’ve noticed that a lot of women express a certain dose of preferbility to wear the big watches now, since the small ones aren’t so popular, anymore. The problem which here occurs is- how to opt for the right one, because optical stores, jewelry and boutiques of watches, have been, literary, flooded, by the big watches of any types, quality, texture and shape. It all depends on what do you need watch for? You may need one for sports, one that will be suitable with your casual outfit or the one that will presents the perfect match with your dress-up outfit for a romantic night out, maybe even one regular and quite simple for work. There are a lot of famous brands, which are producing top quality, utterly beautiful and awful expensive watches, but more importantly, they’re all very luxurious and by simply wearing them you are showing your very refined taste.
          If you desire to have The Watch :-), which present a sure trend these days, which is made only of a top quality material and, which will be, at the same time, quite affordable, I think that I have the perfect solution to offer, to you. We, in Oriflame, are very proud for having the exquisite opportunity to present to all of you, our brand new accessory: “Elegant Business Watch for Her”. Maybe the suitable description for this outstanding and timeless watch, would be: “Baroque opulence meets an office chic!” Classic sophistication continues to present a top trend this season, which means the embellished accessories are a must! Our exquisitely detailed new women’s watch, will make a stand-out statement on your wrist- whether you’re in the boardroom or the ballroom. It has been made of the exquisite baguette glass elements and ornate embossed strap. Possesses precision of a Quartz movement and it arrives in a custom gift box. This timeless watch comes in the highly exclusive design. It has been commissioned exclusively for Oriflame, you have my personal guarantees that you won’t find this exquisite timepiece in any jewelry store! So, order this trendy business watch today!

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