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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Choice for Unmissable and Kissable Lips!

Every single young girl should have in her cosmetic bag, at least, one of these splendid high shinny lipsticks. We have, already, talked about the lipstick being one of the most used and favorite beauty tool among the women, all around the world. Quite often, we even tend to declare them less famine, if she doesn’t wear a lipstick on her lips (and then we are accusing men for being cruel and malefic :-P). However, opting for the right color, which we’re gonna wear everyday on our lips and which will be, at the same time, suitable with our skin tone, can and often is, quite exhausting. I came across some pretty simple, let’s call it, a guide, which is shown to us, how, to, at the best possible (and easiest) way, to choose a suitable shade of lipstick. Here’s my (very shortened :-)) version:
1.     Your very first step should be to find an appropriate color, which will be one to two shades deeper than the color of your natural lips (you should feel free to experiment with all shades of pink and red, because they are looking quite good on, almost, every skin tone and they are pretty grateful, when it comes to combining them with your everyday outfit, they, almost, go along with everything that you’re gonna wear. Exact refers to the hairstyles, too;
2.     You should always keep in mind, that you should choose some subtle shade. I think, that your primary goal should be to maintain, during the working hours in an office, a bit of natural look (that isn’t so obvious that you have spent hours in front the mirror, trying to apply your makeup to pure perfection, although, this might be the truth! :-)). Exception of this “rule” is, of course, if you are attending any special event like a wedding or such.   
 I hope that you find this, very plain, guide very useful :-). Second thing, of which I wanna to devote some additional space is to give you a piece of quite decent advice (or, maybe a couple, when I think about it a bit better :-)) regarding the shopping the desirable shade of lipstick.
ü Firstly, feel free to try the picked color of the lipstick BEFORE you buy it (it’s TOTALLY ok and you shouldn’t feel ashamed!);
ü You should, also, totally remove all the remains of already been proven lipstick, BEFORE trying out some new shades (to avoid mixing colors);
ü You should make sure that you’ve applied the entire lip area;
ü It’s always better, when comes to tasting a brand new lipstick, to have a little (an ideal would be to have none) other makeup on your face (in case, you are wondering why is that :-) – that’s the case, mainly because the other makeup may be distracting your attention and preventing you, at the same time, from judging the lipstick itself;
ü You should ask your friend for an opinion (of course, you seek for the bare truth, not lying in your face :-)). And, if happens, by any chance, that your friend is a some kind of a makeup pro, you’ve scored the gold medal :-P. It means, that you are pretty lucky bas**rd, which are gonna have just perfect companion for the purchase of any kinds of makeup!

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