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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Professional Brushes for Every Make Up Routine

The combination of the professional makeup brush and top quality makeup guarantee that you’re gonna have the perfect makeup and flawless face. Sure trend these days is to possess, each one of us, the appropriate makeup brush for each area of application. In addition to that, the quality of that specific brush plays a crucial role, when it comes to applying some makeup on. Although, the top quality brushes aren’t cheap, they are, surely, worth every single penny. These brushes should be made of the top quality material (be it natural or fabric (synthetic) one (more about it later :-)).
If you want to achieve, that your face have, in the best possible way, applied with makeup, then you shouldn’t rely on one brush or bad quality brushes, either. It is believed, by the makeup professions, that's a good makeup brush presents a beauty secret tool, which is very similar to a proper set of knives for a chef :-). It makes sense, if you better think of it!
          Of which material, these makeup brushes are, usually, been made?
          I’ve, already, mentioned that the most common makeup brush, which can be found in the markets, nowadays, have been made of a natural animal hair or of synthetic materials. Although, it is very cruel to animals, brushes made from natural animal hair are much better quality (and much durable). Regarding the animals, whose hair have been used for producing these high quality brushes, the most notable are: Badger, goat, sable, squirrel and pony (I feel noxious only by typing their names, I can’t even imagine myself using these brushes!!! No matter how good, durable and reliable they are! I, simply, haven’t got the stomach for it!). These natural brushes are graded by several factors. The most important of them all are the following ones: length, firmness and evenness of cut.
          Regarding the synthetic brushes, their best (and best quality) classics are made of synthetic material, known as Taklon (it is, in fact, made from a polyester fiber, which have been designed to mimic the main characteristics of natural animal hair). Taklon is utterly smooth and highly soft to a touch. Generally speaking, synthetic brushes are much more hygienic than the real animal hair brushes (by using a brush, which has been made of a real hair, we are at risk to, in a way, to infect ourselves and who we apply some makeup on, because natural hair has an irregular surface which traps powders, dead skin cells, and the most various bacteria, and by cleaning it, you never could be absolutely sure that you’ve got rid of all of these particles)! However, by using Taklon made brushes, it lacks these surface irregularities, and that, at the same time, making much easier, to us, to clean the brush properly. Not to mention that Taklon is vegan and, the most important, is animal cruelty, absolutely, FREE!!!
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