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Friday, 19 September 2014

Pristine, Young-Looking Skin Like a Dream Come True

The perfect skin complexion always has presented the dream come true for many of the people. Especially, for us, the ladies, which have a highly problematic skin (unfortunately, and I fall in that group). So, I’ve been (as the rest of the human population :-)) in a constant search for a suitable cleanser, foundation, concealer, face mask and cream, toner and lotion… in fact, everything that will help me diminish or, at least, camouflage all of my skin issues. I was thrilled, when I heard that my favorite cosmetic house from Sweden, Oriflame, has in its offer everything that I may need, in order to have a flawless facial skin complexion. I strongly believe that these outstanding news will wake the interest of the women worldwide, who have been facing that exact problem for ages. According to that, allow me to bring you out the whole Oriflame’s offer :-).
          This divine Giordani Gold set for a flawless facial skin is consisting of four really potent cosmetic products, by which regularly (daily) use, you will (certainly) achieve that you face looks flawless. These cosmetic products will fight against fine lines and wrinkles on your skin and leave it so luminous, beautiful, smooth and so supple.
          The Oriflame’s Giordani Gold set consists of:
v “Giordani Gold Make-up Base”-it’s no secret that our make-up will last much longer, if we apply a proper base first. That tiny and very simple step is of a vital importance, if we desire to hide all the flaws and the most various facial skin imperfections. Despite knowing all that, the vast majority of women simply skips this step and moves to applying a foundation or a moisturizer. That is more than a wrong, my dear ladies :-)! If properly have been chosen and applied, the makeup base hides, almost perfectly, every flaw or any other skin imperfection on your face. Therefore, the base magnifies your most beautiful features. Why, on Earth, would anyone skip it??! I am so confused!

v “Giordani Gold Age Defying Foundation”-it presents a foundation, which allows you to achieve a youthful appearance of your facial skin complexion. Its formula is enriched with rare White Truffle extracts that provides any improved age-defying qualities. Being applied right after the make-up base, makes your facial skin appear smoother, much even in tone and, at the same time that magical foundation hides all of the various imperfections quite easily and highly successfully. This foundation is highly convenient for a daily wear;

v “Giordani Gold Tinted Glow Moisturizer” SPF 15-being enriched with caring ingredients, we should use this tinted featherweight potent moisturizer in combination with the foundation, in order to get more natural and even finish with the natural and utterly healthy glow. Please, have in mind that this moisturizer is translucent shade and it presents a bit lighter version than foundation. Its SPF 15 provides just the proper protection from the harsh weather condition, which can be pretty rough to our gentle and sensitive facial skin;


v “Giordani Gold Age Defying Radiance Elixir”-presents a really hydrating and pretty effective anti-ageing booster, which formula is enriched with high-performance ingredients that provide an excellent defends against signs of premature ageing and instantly beautify the complexion. It can be very fast-absorbed by your facial skin and you should be using the pipette, in order to get precise application. For achieving the optimal results, you should wear this potent Elixir under Giordani Gold Age Defying.

As always, we have been taking into our consideration and our members. For all of our Oriflame Consultants /Managers or any other member of our Oriflame Academy, we have approved a special additional discount! If you aren’t the part of our happy community, maybe now is the perfect time to become one and to shop by the outstandingly low prices all of our very wide range of the most various beauty products, to earn some additional amount of money, and, at the same time, to have utterly fun. For more information, please contact your Oriflame Consultant or contact our Oriflame Center in your town.

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