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Monday, 15 September 2014

My Red- Brimming with Passion

Since, I can remember, my favorite color is vivid red. When I was younger, absolutely everything was about that specific color. I am, very clearly, can remember these situations (which weren’t rare, at all, thus I was the only child in family for a couple of years, which, logically :-), means that I was so severe spoiled :-)) of which I simply don’t want to go to the kindergarten, without wearing my beloved lacquered red shoes :-). These days, was the highly popular (again) the movie: “The Wizard of Oz” and my beloved shoes reminiscent of those which have been worn by Judy Garland! I was utterly spoiled brat, then :-)!
          After a while, when I grew up a bit (let’s say, I have been in my seventeen’s, or so), the vivid red still remained my favorite color. These days, I came across a very interesting article in my teen magazine, in which the author has explained the true meaning regarding someone’s favorite color. That sounded quite interesting, so I have read the meaning of my favorite color. Although, I was utterly surprised when I found out that people are tended to link red color with very strong feelings, such as love and passion. I’ve always considered red to be really powerful and strong color, but I assume that, these days, I haven't been experiencing myself as a passionate person, who are able to, pretty, crazy (and very possessive) to love someone. That will turn out to be the bare true, in the next few years! :-)
          And now, when I become an adult person (or that, at least, I consider myself to be :-P), I am quite conscious (and reconciled :-)) with my nature I, like the very vast majority of women worldwide who share the same destiny with me :-), am opting for some quite interesting fashion accessories, which, of course, made of vivid red color. But I am trying, very hard, not to exaggerate with this “red madness”.
So, my attention, naturally, has been attracted by the new Eau De Perfume from the famous Swedish cosmetic house, Oriflame. This magical perfume was, simply, called: “My Red”, which is brimming with high passion and which, at the same time, is utterly sexy, stunning and so seductive. It has been designed, especially for it pretty rare “power” to tantalize the men with its adorable aroma.  “My Red” Eau de Perfume, sets hearts racing with the dazzling magnetism of elusive red jasmine. With wearing this mighty perfume on yourself, there’s absolutely no men, who wouldn’t be seduced and, at the same time, bewitched with its highly mystique and stunningness. This powerful and quite strong perfume isn’t intended for the “weak”, undecided women, who were, at the same time, very submissive and who allow the others to impose them their will and views. But, for those women, who are, always, know exactly what (and whom :-)) they want, who possess more than enough courage to face with the most various problems, which life could bring, who are reliable and stable and who, at the same time, boldly walk through life head held high, not turning back.

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