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Saturday, 20 September 2014

GRACE Intriguingly Opulent

I strongly believe the noun “grace”, determines just perfect, all that female genus should be. No matter of what age we were, but, generally speaking the very first association, when someone’s mentions grace, in my mind occurs my mum. She is, for me, a synonym for a grace. She present absolutely every single virtue that a random female should possess (sometimes, I wished that I more similar to her (although, it passes me quite soon :-P)). She is an utterly gentle and mild, so soft and fragile, has that attractive dose of femininity and graciousness, on which the really vast majority of men, simply, couldn’t stay immune (nor my father could either :-)).
When I have read that this utterly lovable scented fragrance from Oriflame brings the title: “Grace”, the very first thing on my mind, which has occurred was my mother. So, I know now, what am gonna buy her as a New Year present :-). This lovable Eau de Perfume consists of the most marvelous ingredients, such as: ultra-famine violet, gorgeous Indian jasmine and adorable carnation.
          Allow me to better introduce to you of this outstanding ingredients:  
v Violet
          Is also known as a sweet violet. Grows mainly in warm and mild Mediterranean regions, but I could be, also, found, in some Asia regions. It's mesmerizing and utterly delicate purple or white flowers, appear in early spring, much more than its leaves. The highly interesting fact, which is pretty rarely known, is that violet was the most favorite flower of famous French military leader, Napoleon Bonaparte.
The scent of the violet flowers is much different than the scent of its leaves. When it comes to the scent of violet flower it is earthier, woody-floral and it has a sweet powdery scent, which resembles, a bit, on iris, but its leaves have more metallic, aqueous and green scent. Both are very widely used in the perfume industry.

v Indian jasmine
          Jasmine originally comes from the countries from Far East, such as India and China, but nowadays, it has been cultivated, almost, all around the world. Despite of that fact, it has been used, for centuries in aromatherapy (jasmine’s essential oil presents one of the most beautiful scented aroma oil and, besides the rose oil, its essential oil is considered to be the most expensive of all the exotic oils, which is used in today’s perfumery) and for some ceremonial purposes (because, jasmine flower has the outstanding appearance).
          Regarding jasmine fragrance, it’s overwhelming. It has rejuvenating, boosting and energizing properties, which makes it a natural mind-blowing fragrance and as adding to it, jasmine is one of the most prominent scents and it has highly unique and incredibly intense aroma, which can be felt, by you, even with your eyes being closed.

v Carnation
          Carnation presents, still, an unavoidable component in some of the oriental fragrances (such as this one). Although, has been cultivated worldwide, but, the France remains the leading country, when it comes to the production of this lovely flower. Carnation is the most often used in some of the classical fragrances (some of the most famous perfume designers, find carnation an old-fashioned ingredient) due to its, a bit, spicy and utterly peppery scent, which provides deepens in the floral notes. It’s a very bright and truly vivid.
You can find “Grace Eau De Perfume” in Oriflame’s latest catalog. You can buy it at the special discount. With its floral heart and precious wood dry down, this refined Eau De Perfume is the epitome of aristocratic elegance. There’s no space for any kind of hesitation, contact your Oriflame lady, and order this gorgeous and potent fragrance right now! :-)

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