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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Full Color, For Longer

If you are one of the million women all over the world, who dye your hair, you are familiar with the fact that the colored hair needs additional care. That means that you should opt for the best quality products, which are available these days on the markets. That includes a special shampoo, hair softener and, of course, the corresponding color protect treatment in order to provide for your colored hair the best possible protection, which will, in that particular case, allow the color to last much longer and slowly (if at all) fades.
          Looking from my point of view, no woman wants her hair out constant and aggressive treatment, such as painting, so, our primary focus should present that the color of our hair lasts as long as possible, and therefore are opting for high quality-hair care products should be our number one priority.
          To tell you the truth, the health of my hair, has always been my number one priority. In order to maintain it healthy, I have never represented, even the slightest, problem for me to extract some large sum of money, in order to buy a good quality shampoo or hair softer. Although, I dye my hair once every two months, I realized that it needs a constant and proper nutrition and hydration, in order to maintain my hair healthy, clean and shiny. And, that’s why I have established some basic “rules’, which I find out to work for my hair (and which I try to adhere). Here comes my list:
Ø When it comes to dyeing your hair, it is always better to opt for the top quality hair color (in order to avoid some pretty nasty side effects, such as hair falling or a variety of scalp irritations);
Ø Avoid washing your hair right after dyeing (whether it is a dyeing made in an executive saloon or in your home). But how much time should pass from coloring my hair (it seems just like I can read your thought, right?! :-))? To put it simple, the more time that passes from hair coloring, it is better (safer);
Ø It has never presented, even the slightest, problem to me to spend some extra money on buying some high quality hair care product, be it shampoo or conditioner. Recently, I found out that Oriflame launched a brand new line of the products, which are especially intended for colored hair. I have to admit, that I haven’t got the chance to use them so far and to see, in their quality, for myself, but I’ve heard that the women (especially, in my country) are highly satisfied with their quality. According to this, naturally (and the most logically :-)), I’ve decided to, this very month, order and try them out. This line consist of the hair products like: “Hair X Color Protect Leave-In Treatment”, which is enriched with highly potent Baobab Leaves Extract that softens your hair and help protect against fading; “Hair X Color Protect Shampoo”, a color protective product which also possesses some additional level of Baobab Leaves Extract that cleans hair while protecting and preserving color and “Hair X Color Protect Conditioner”, present yet another product, which is, also enriched with Baobab Leaves Extract that offers the highest level of color protection and manageability to color treated hair;
Ø Additional tip, which I’ve found very useful, is to rinse the shampoo/conditioner using only slightly lower water temperature.

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