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Thursday, 4 September 2014

For Brittle Hair-Yeast Protein

I guess, that we had had experience, at least once in our life, with a dull, dry and brittle hair-at least I did :-). I can, quite honestly, confess to you, that it wasn’t any excitement or fun experience, however, it was totally the opposite! Very traumatic experience, which I am giving my best that, in a way, suppress it from my memory. If you want to hear my story out, we have to go back in 2008. In the year when this story has begun… Then I was very young (and, a little bit, foolish, stupid and naïve :-)). These days, my primary goal was to always have the perfect stylized hairstyle. In order to achieve that imagined perfection, I was ready to do, almost, everything with my hair. So, I have begun with destroying my gorgeous, naturally, very strong hair with constant dyeing (once per 15 days!!!) and by constantly (I was, literary, obsessed and addicted) using of the hot hair straightener (twice in one week’s time). I was doing so and, naturally, that, in time, lead that my hair was severely damaged and destroyed, literary, lifeless, and dry, and the split ends become my everyday reality. I was devastated. So, one day I decided that it is a high time to solve that issue out and I went straight to my hairdresser in her saloon.
There she cut my hair in half (all the hair that were severely damaged, including the split ends and pretty big amount of the fried hair) and colored my, gorgeous blond, hair into the dark brown. I end up in tears, but these “steps” I had to make, if I wanted to avoid constant dyeing. Of course, the using of my beloved :-) hot hair straightener was strictly forbidden. I have learned my lesson and since then, I am, very strictly, taking care of the health of my hair, in order to prevent to find myself, even, in the similar situation, ever again. If you are smart enough (and I bet you do :-)), you are gonna learn from my experience, don’t allow for the same destiny to befall you. Let it be a lesson to you, sweetie :-).
Just in case, that you have noticed the very first signs of your hair’s being damaged (or you have noticed on your friend’s hair or, even, on your family member’s hair), I have to offer to you the outstanding set of the top quality cosmetic products, which I have used during that “memorable” period of my life :-). And, from whose results I was more than satisfied. These “the first aid kid” products are: “Hair X Strength Fortifier Scalp Tonic”, which is enriched with some larger amounts of the powerful Yeast Protein, which allows for your hair to be visible stronger, much healthier and quite shinier. It presents, in fact, a highly potent and really intense leave-in serum. The other one is called “Hair X Strength Fortifier Shampoo”, a shampoo that targets brittle hair with Yeast Protein, which has the ability to boost keratin production and by doing that, your hair are becoming more and stronger, and, at the same time, much more resistant to the damaging effects of the environment. Both, of this really effective cosmetic products, have been made in Oriflame laboratories and they present the ultimate result of hard, dedicated and very persistent work of their best experts.

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