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Monday, 22 September 2014

First in Oriflame CC Cream Make-up and Skin Care in One

Maybe the adequate description of Oriflame’s famous brand Giordani Gold will be the following one- “A Legacy of the high Elegance and Opulence”. Our amazing and quite an exciting story of creating a beautiful, innovative and always on-trend make-up, stretches right back to 1980. It was the year, in which we have decided that we desired to imagine and make a unique and highly luxury cosmetics, which would be pretty affordable to every single men/women and, which would be, at the same time, produced of the top quality ingredients. So, we launched the first of our iconic Giordani Gold make-up creations. Today, the legend lives on, with a range as expressive, sumptuous and affordable make-up products as ever!
          We are very proud to have this exquisite opportunity to announce the rebirth of our prestigious and luxurious Giordani Gold brand, which presents the ultimate in deluxe makeup for women, who are only deserving the very best and have accustomed that Oriflame provides that luxury for them. These makeup products are made of materials of only the finest and highest quality. These beautiful products are like no others. From the very moment you see, touch and apply this makeup from Giordani Gold collection, you will by instantly feel and experience, all of the benefits of the rare and luxurious ingredients, such as white truffle extract and ruby powder.
According to that, the latest catalog from a famous Swedish cosmetic company, Oriflame, is devoted on a big comeback of this famous Giordani Gold collection, so we will be discussing, in the next few articles, about some brand new products, which are coming from this worldwide famous line.
The first in the row is our brand new “Giordani Gold CC Cream” with SPF 35 VA/UVB filters. This cream present an ultimate all-in-one make-up/skincare solution due to its unique combination of lightweight texture and medium coverage. It improves your overall skin clarity with patented Anti-Ageing Brightening Technology.
And, now you can allow your facial skin to experience more youthful looking skin with Giordani Gold CC Cream. By applying this divine cream you get, almost by instant, very intense moisturisation for your all face area, with its light-as-air texture, no sticky and stain effects and this powerful cream allows the perfecting and full coverage.
          Fresh from Oriflame labs, this CC cream is best described as BB’s more mature sister :-), or, at the very least, worthy successor of the same. It’s ideal at misting the signs of premature aging, thanks to its color-correcting technology, which reflects the unnecessary light off your face. It results that our facial skin looks overall uniform in tone. Although, being a bit thicker than BB cream, CC creams surely provide a much better coverage than BB creams. The higher broad spectrum 35 SPF of Giordani Gold CC Cream and its other quite active ingredients, guarantee that will diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and skin pigment issues on your face. Beyond these obvious beauty benefits, which I have mentioned above, the biggest reason for the newest hype is the undeniable and unequivocally fact that, eventually, including this really effective Giordani Gold CC Cream into your morning daily routine, will add a certain dose of a simplicity to your lifestyle.
          Another reason for ordering now, is you can buy it for an entry price, which is much lower than the regular one. And, by order it today, you can get for free another remarkable makeup product “Giordani Gold Iconic Liquid Lipstick”. Which, in fact, presents the lightweight fluid lipstick, which is formulated for long lasting color and to provide a high shine for your lips. It has innovative lightweight texture, its hydrating ingredients and color richness will allow you to have effortlessly sensual lips. Giordani Gold Iconic Liquid Lipstick is enriched with restorative Argan Oil. There shouldn’t be space for any of your possible doubts! This is highly unique opportunity to possess two top quality Giordani Gold makeup items.


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