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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Eco Beauty-The Beauty You

Have you ever asked yourself what does “natural beauty” really mean? Or, another way around :-)- What does, in fact, truly mean to possess a natural beauty? Personally, I really think that this whole concept of a natural beauty is pretty foggy and highly enigmatic. By saying “foggy” I mean that the phrase “natural beauty” to one person could mean something completely different compared to another (by principle-everyone has the right for having its own opinion :-)). Meaning there isn’t precise definition! Maybe for someone by this phrase implies that the naturally beautiful woman presents someone who is drop dead gorgeous :-)? Meaning, is looking just stunning even without any traces of make-up. But, by the presumption that’s the bare truth, imposes the following question-are the women worldwide, who wear the traces of make-up (so called “natural look”), shouldn’t be considered as a natural beauties? Hmmm… that is so problematic area (that’s exactly what I’ve meant by using the term “enigmatic” :-P) in which we have stepped into. All of these questions, I’m pretty sure in my estimation, are gonna spark, at least, a million answers. Like I’ve, already, pointed out, every single one of us has the right to possess its own option on what is beautiful and even more so what is considered to present the naturally beautifulness.
But, like I’ve been assured in my previous estimation, I am now pretty assured that there is a common ground, on which people can and may agree upon :-). With Oriflame by your side, you can have it all-– high quality and 100% natural products with as lower environmental impact as possible! The Eco Beauty products deliver 100% of the pretty stunning results, time after time, and are, at the same time, as kind in the world, as they are to you and your skin.
This outstanding Oriflame set of Eco Beauty products is consisting of:
ü “Eco Beauty Smoothing Day Cream”- presents, in fact, highly innovative, 100% made of the natural ingredients, multi-action anti-oxidant cream. It is of a really huge help, when it comes to replenishing your skin and by reinforcing its protective barrier to fight a variety of the skin imperfections. Its Natural Pro-Blend™ formulation, which has been additionally enriched by Fairtrade Shea Butter and Fairtrade Organic Coconut Oil, which are quite secure in ultra-modern airtight packaging, guarantees that for your facial skin will be absolutely flawless. This Eco beauty Smoothing Day Cream has passed all of the dermatologist tests;

ü “Eco Beauty Smoothing Night Cream”- presents, in fact, the multi-action anti-oxidant, which intensely and utterly deeply nourishes, protects and highly rejuvenates your facial skin complexion, all that while you sleep. Contains also quite an innovative Natural Pro-Blend™ formulation, which has been additionally enriched with Fairtrade Shea Butter and Fairtrade Organic Coconut Oil. This Eco Beauty Smoothing Night Cream has passed all of the dermatologist tests and it has been declared safe for usage;

ü “Eco Beauty Smoothing Eye Cream”- presents, in fact, the highly exclusive, featherweight and 100% natural formula, which smoothens fine lines around your eye area, and, at the same time, diminish severe puffiness & dark circles. Contains also quite an innovative Natural Pro-Blend™ formulation, which has been additionally enriched with Fairtrade Shea Butter and Fairtrade Organic Coconut Oil. Has been also dermatologically tested;


ü “Eco Beauty Hydrating Foundation”- this gorgeous foundation will, certainly, indulge your skin with its light, yet highly nourishing and moisturizing properties. The foundation provides full natural coverage that evens in fully your skin tone. Signs, like: fatigue, redness and various imperfections with this shiny natural foundation, very soon become the matter of the past. Fairtrade Organic Shea Butter leaves your facial skin smooth, very supple and, the most important, truly healthy.

Regardless, of your consideration by the phrase “natural beauty”, one is certain- with Oriflame’s Eco Beauty set, of the marvelous set of products, presents a win-win combination of both-for our mother Earth and for your beauty :-)! It looks to me as a perfect combination, would you agree? :-)

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