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Monday, 8 September 2014

Chic Street Style!

I have, recently, read the definition of “style”, which says (paraphrase) that the term “style” refers to an expression of individualism, which is mixed with charisma. However, according to that fact, fashion presents something, which comes after the style, right? How about street fashion style? Where I am gonna put its definition? :-) Maybe, somewhere in between a style and a fashion? What do you think? Do you agree here with me? Ok, it remains still one, tiny, problem- How to define, what does it mean to have a personal street fashion style? Maybe, it means to express your own understanding of fashion and style or maybe, it means to add something of your personal stamp to, already, adopted fashion trends and styles. Or maybe, a little bit, of both! :-)
However, it’s pretty obvious that, the phenomenon of street fashion style is here to stay! I know that feeling, when you are young and in constant seeking for your own personal style. It wasn’t so long time ago, when I’ve been in such, a constant, search, in order to, finally, figure it out who I really am, and to build up my own fashion style. I know how exhausting that may be, and how easy is to make some pretty terrible choices (when opting what to wear), and end up looking up as a total fool. But, jet, if there weren’t some fashion, let's call them, misses, today I won’t have, some kind of built personal style of dressing. After all, who can boast that he/she has never made ​​a mistake in choosing or combining the “uncombining”? Absolutely nobody!
In order to help you, in this process of building your own personal style, which you are gonna wear everywhere, Oriflame has, in its brand new line, which has been already, launched, on the global markets worldwide, a very trendy line of the most essentials fashion stuffs (such as ultra-fashionable bag, a trendy cap and utterly beautiful hoop earrings), which is intended, mainly, for a bit younger population, which are gonna wear them with a certain dose of personal youth attitude :-).
Like I have, already, pointed out, this brand new line of the utterly fashionable items, is consisting of: “Studded Tote Shop”, which is created, in order to allow for you to always be in style with this attitude-filled tote bag! Black polyester, which is made of a tactile faux suede leather and combined with brass color studs, presents a sure trend these days. By having this amazing bag in your possession, you are gonna stand out from the crowd. That's for sure. In combinations with the: " Studded Cap”, you are gonna be absolutely hit on the streets. This cap allows you, to look, at the same time, pretty cool and to be in “fast & furious” style :-). Black cap is made of 100% cotton twill, which is decorated with brass-color studs, at its very front. In order to achieve a grandiose success around your “brotherhood” and to finally conquer that gorgeous looking guy, you should buy and: “Studded Hoop Earrings”. This marvelous eye-catching hoop earrings are made in silver tone metal with black inset featuring gold-color stud design, presents a sure, urban trend on the streets, these days!
Remember, it’s a limited edition and if you wish to have these outstanding items, then you should hurry up and order them today! Feel free to look them up in Oriflame’s latest catalog!


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