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Friday, 5 September 2014

Beautiful Nails Made Easy

Although, I can really brag with my utterly healthy, absolutely divine, really shiny and naturally quite strong hair, however my nails have always been natural disaster :-(. I’ve been trying, during the last couple of years, so many treatments, a very vast variety of the most different nails straighteners and creams, but these treatments never worked on my nails. In absence of some durable solution, I began to, quite regularly (once in every 15 days, or so), to visit my manicure, I let she deals up with my nail issue :-). During my latest visit to the saloon, she has mentioned that she had heard of the brand new set of nail polishes, which are considered to be of a really great help, when it comes to solving the problems with weak nails. I agreed that, during my next visit, to try them out, until then I desired to find out a bit more of these mighty nail polishes.
I think, there is absolutely no need to explain to you, how much I have surprised when I have found out, that these outstanding nail treatments & polishes are, in fact, being made from Oriflame and that they are pretty affordable for us, the “ordinary mortals” (I’ve accustomed that, during each visit to my manicure, (although, she’s really doing a pretty amazing job with my nails) to single out some bigger amounts of money (not that I'm complaining, just stating the facts out :-)). The revelation that, with, of course, the possession of all these products, and, now, I can afford myself a perfect manicure in the coziness of my own home, without going to the saloon, was, for me, a truly miracle discovery :-).
So, I have decided to dig deeper :-) and try to find out something more about these miracle products. I found out that the set consists of the following: “The ONE Cuticle Cream”, which presents a pretty powerful and potent cream which does wonders when dealing with the weak nails. It is considered, absolutely, the perfect solution for keeping nails and cuticles smooth and tidy. Recommended its generously usage as needed. The other one is: “The ONE Nail Shield”, which can be used as a fortifying base coat and which are gonna strengthened our nails in only 3 days’ time. The third nail polish is: “The ONE Growth Booster”, which we should apply twice a day, in order to achieve the best possible effects. With the regular use of this nail polish, we should be absolutely sure that our nails will increasingly grow and that they won’t break. We should brush our nails on, then we should apply this growth booster polish into our nails, in order to break apart the micro-beads. And the last, but not the least member of this really potent nail polishes, is: “The ONE Base & Top Coat”, which we can use, depending on our preferences, as a base or top coat. The manicure expert advices us to apply it underneath the color coat, if we want to protect our nails from staining, or, if we opt to use this nail polish as a top coat, then we should apply it over color coat, in order to extend the wear of the nail polish.
I look forward to the next visit my manicure, because I want to assure myself of the effectiveness of this brand new innovation from Oriflame, regarding the nail care. I have, absolutely, no doubts at all, that this is gonna be another one of the company’s tremendous successes, because the top quality of its makeup products, in general, present the main reason of the existence of Oriflame brand for decades! If you can’t wait to read my experience on these nail polishes, I recommend to you to order this set and try it out, and to see in their quality for yourself :-)!

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