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Friday, 29 August 2014

Your Essentials for Style Success

When it comes to the hair, pretty important tool, is the comb. How much is it really important, perhaps best illustrated by the fact that, even, the worldwide famous hair stylist cut and re-cut the hair of the top models, over and over again, mainly because, they haven’t used the proper comb, in order to get the right tension and line precision. They simply fall into the old habit of opting for the same comb all the time and have accustomed to, always, neglect to take type, color, width and length into consideration. That’s why they “paying the price” (and the miserable models, too :-().
    Regarding us, “the regular mortals” :-), searching the suitable comb or a brush, look like the fishing in murky water, at first glance, a bunch of the same combs/brushes (or maybe, the metaphor, which demonstrates this whole situation much better is: looking for a needle in a haystack). You can opt for more desirable one :-).
 But, you shouldn’t despair, read this article to its end, and, maybe it would serve you as a sort of guide or maybe, after reading it, the things (regarding opting for the right brush/comb :-)) in your head, will be much clearer.
    Firstly, you should keep in mind is that you should comb/brush your hair, on a daily base, and at the right intervals, which means it shouldn’t be too often, neither too less. You shouldn’t go to any extreme- put this way-if you comb your hair too often that certainly will lead to increasing its dryness and, at the same time, making your scalp oilier, on the other hand, if you comb your hair less frequently then it will, eventually, start tangling and that may lead to hair fall and severe breakages. Get the picture? :-P The golden mean, when it comes to combating your hair on a daily basis, would be anything between 3 to 8 times based on the need of the hair.

    Another highly important thing is that the comb/brush, which you use, you shouldn’t share with anyone else in your family (as you don't share your toothbrush, that’s, practically, the same thing). It is understood (at least I hope :-)) that you clean your brush properly and regularly, after each using!  Regularly replacing your brush is also the matter of your basic hygiene. From my, very vast, personal experience, you should avoid, the best you can, the plastic brushes/combs and stick to the wide-wooden-toothed ones. They present an excellent choice of care for both, your hair and your scalp.
    To make a very long story short, I wrote a list, let’s call them, “basis rules”, of which you should follow when buying a proper hair brush/comb, because, it presents the only certain way, that you are gonna opt for the right one:
    You should opt for the brush/comb which is strong and durable, without any sharp endings and which, of course, will be properly sized, according to the size of your hands:
    You should avoid all of the materials (plastic, metal), which can cause static electricity, instead opt for the wooden brushes/combs;
    Before buying the comb/brush, feel free to try it first on your hand, in order to see for yourself if its teeth are too sharp for you. Then try its flexibility (the one, which possesses certain flexibility is much easier to comb with;
    Another very useful tip (based on my personal experience, too :-)), if you have a bit thicker hair (or a lot of), your choice should be to buy a brush/comb with, a bit, wider teeth. And also, the comb/brush. Which has the round ended teeth are much better than the ones with sharper ones:
    In your collection of the hair brushes/combs, at least, one of them should be wide tooth comb/brush, in order to get your wet hair combed with causing the least possible damage;
    And, the last type have, already, stressed out the importance that you keep your comb/brush clean. But, note the following: if you obey me (which I truly hope you do :-)). And buy a natural wooden brush/comb; avoid long time soaking it in water, because you can harm the natural wood. And, by doing so, your brush/comb won’t last long.

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