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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Superstar Eyes Gone Wild…

The ultimate trend these days, for sure, is (so called) Smokey Eye Effect. On the runways, of the famous fashion weeks (New York, Milan, London...), we can notice, almost, on every model, that trend. When it comes to the makeup trends, there isn’t anything sexier or more attractive (or even more sophisticated) than the classic Smokey Eye Look! That’s exactly why the almost every page of of today's top trendy magazines has, at least, one picture of divine top model or a celebrity, who has this trend, on her eyes. So, if you feel like you are ready to join this fantastic team and learn how to to achieve this magical technique-you came just to the right place! By simply following this, step-by-step (so called) guide, which is filled with some extra tips, you will see for yourself, how this technique really is “piece of cake” to overcome :-).
   The very first step is to get your eyelids, ready for some makeup;
In order to do so, you should begin with simply applying a very light shade (which is almost invisible) of a creamy concealer to your under eye area all along the top eye lid; (special tip- you should opt for a mineral makeup foundation, because is provides a really excellent (and fully) coverage and in the best possible way, prepares your eyes for the shadow, which  you are gonna apply on them).
    The following step is to use a liner;
The very first thing, which you should do in this step, is to line both of your rims (the top and bottom) very gently, using only an eye pencil. And, at the same time, paying some additional attention, that you aren’t going into the lash line, itself (tip+ if you, by any chance, have a pretty small eyes, then you should be starting from applying liner from the middle of the under eye to the outside of the eye. However, if the opposite is the case, you should feel free to draw a line from corner to corner).
    Then comes the application of the shadow;
By using a a pretty small eye shadow brush (we prefer a Q-tip), you should start to soft the edges of the, previously drawn, eye pencil line. After doing so, feel free to start applying a very dark shadow by using the smudge brush or a sponge-tip applicator (you, even, can carry forward in using a Q-tip eye shadow brush, all depending what tool you possess-we prefer to apply with a finger, thought :-)) The shadow will help you to achieve a bit softer look, that's why this step is so important (just in case, you’ve been wondering! :-))
    Further comes- The Grand Finale :-)
Very next step is to add a some lighter shadow in a neutral tone, by using a bit larger eye shadow brush. By encircling the entire eye area, you should be absolutely sure that you’ve covered the entire eye area and to make sure that you’ve softened and graduate outward, in order to achieve just the perfect blended look.
    After doing so, you can proceed to the next step-curling your lashes;
We all know, that creating the famous “smokey eye effect” isn’t just about the applying shadows on the right places; it’s about the overall look. So, we have to pay the equally attention and to our lashes. In order to stand them out, you should curl them very carefully (by using the mascara with the best curl performances, if you desire to get a maximum (I bet you DO want :-)). By curling your eyelashes, you are, in a way, making your eyes “widely open” (the great makeup illusion, thought:-P) and this will help them to stand (really) out and be noticed, too!

    The final step presents the applying your mascara and to clean the “territory” around your eyes;
 We are almost done… to add a final touch, you can apply the generous coats of mascara! Feel free to apply as much as your soul desires :-). Then, make sure that you’ve “tidy up” all of the remains of the shadows, which has fallen under the eye using a very large brush (we prefer the ones that you use for applying your bronzer-why? They are the largest and the fluffiest ones!). If you aren’t, by any chance, satisfied with your overall look, you can add a more dramatic look by applying an additional dose of both-darker shadow and more mascara (you can even add an additional amount of mascara, in order to curl your lashes more and provide more dramatic look (but, don’t exaggerate, please, enough will be 2 or 3 coats of the true black mascara).
And, voila! You've achieved the new look :-) Feel satisfied? I bet you do :-)
Feel free to show off! You have deserved it!

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