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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Showering Bliss that Lasts and Lasts...

The new jumbo collection (750 ml!) of fruity showering gels and creams, called „Nature Secrets“ from the worldwide famous Swedish cosmetic house Oriflame, is absolutely stunning and presents an offer that is rarely being rejected in life. The reasons are numerous.
Let’s take, for example, their brand new shower gel. It has been made of highly interesting and very bold blend of the juicy and sweet watermelon and pretty moisturizing and healthy Aloe Vera. About Aloe Vera, I’ve been already written about. But, now is just the right time (and place :-)) to stress out, some of highly interesting facts, which are related to the watermelon.
 In the previous article, we have dealt with all kinds of fruits, which present, nowadays, a vital ingredient in very vast range of the beauty products. Their high nutritional, vitamin and mineralogical properties, served as a guiding principle in the cosmetic industry. It turned out that it was one of the better ideas, because its all healthy and healing properties, which the fruit possesses, when have been taken as a food, are very similar to the ones, (of course, when used properly, and in some larger doses), which have been used in the manufacture of skin care line. If we did upon sufficiently :-), it is high time to move to healthful properties of watermelon.
Watermelon actually presents 92% of pure water, and the rest 8%, are filled with good nutrition ingredients and numerous amazing health benefits, no wonder it is considered to be a real powerfruit! :-)
Watermelon Heath Benefits are pretty numerous, I will point out, just a few, which I considerate to be the most relevant ones. Here they are:
    Watermelon is highly alkaline forming in our whole body (that’s of a really great importance, when it comes to achieving the proper balance of the body);
    Watermelon is the sacrosanct lycopene (red pigment, which has awesome antioxidant properties) leader among all fresh fruits and vegetables;
    Watermelon is believed to be very powerful diuretic and has, pretty often, been used in the most various homeopathic treatments;
    Watermelon is believed to be an excellent source of potassium, as well (for that property, is really of a vital help, when it comes to properly fascinating of our brain (nerve) system and muscular system. It’s proven that watermelon has that “special power” to ease, in a way, some very severe inflammations);
    Watermelon may have a certain Viagra-like effect (or, at least, so claim the scientists in Texas, let’s believe them on a word :-));
    Watermelon possesses a certificate, which claims that specific fruit is good for the heart.

     Let’s admit that these health benefits (which I have pointed out as the most relevant ones) are pretty extraordinary! However, the watermelon has some extraordinary and pretty unexpected nutrition facts (again, the list of this mighty nutrition facts is so long, so, again, I was forced to pick up just a few, in my opinion, the most essential ones). The list looks like this:
    Watermelon presents an excellent source of Vitamins C and E (and has a pretty small trace of a Vitamin B and K, as well as the pantothenic acid);
    Watermelon presents a pretty decent source of potassium and magnesium;
    However, watermelon possesses a lot of trace amounts of some very important minerals (like: selenium, iron, manganese and zinc);
    Watermelon is considered to give 5% of our body daily fiber needs;
    It has only 45 Cal (per slice), so it is believed to be an ideal diet food, which, at the same time, has a high amounts of energy;
    Watermelon is considered to be non-fat fruit, because in one slice of this mighty fruit, there is only.23 grams of fat!
     So, if these amazing healthy properties and effects on our general health, at least half of these effects (if not more) the watermelon provides, as an ingredient of many cosmetic products, then we shouldn’t be so surprised for its high popularity. There isn’t any space for the question and doubt, like: Why these beauty products (which contain the watermelon in some larger amounts) in” a speed of light “time are disappearing from the shelves in the cosmetic stores worldwide? The answer is, I hope, is more than obvious!
Certainly, for achieving such a high popularity isn't enough watermelon’s sweet, refreshing and summer scent, but, there, definitely, must be something more. It’s all up to you to find out what exactly :-)!

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