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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Professional Eye Style

Oriflame has been a highly specialized cosmetic company for the last 45 years and our primary goal has always been to offer to you the best quality beauty products, which have been in harmony with nature, made from the finest natural ingredients combined with modern technology, in order to provide the highest quality, as a final product, which will also respond fully to all your beauty requirements. All of our products are dermatologically tested, in order to prevent any possible unwanted effects. We have always been trying to maintain your hard-earned trust and we will keep trying that hard, and we will be using  every single opportunity to give our best, in order to, in a way, to justify that trust.
How we manage to be that successful, perhaps wound is best illustrated by the fact that we operate in more than 60 countries, across our planet, and we have over 200 million satisfied customers. And that’s our secret-The perfect balance between our customers and quality of our products (combined, of course, with affordable prices). We are very well known for the fact, that only we are offering the best possible quality for a reasonable price. Our customers are mainly women from upper middle class. Ladies, thank you for your trust, we will give our best, in order to never betray you, because your dreams are our inspiration! : -) We exist so long, because of you!
And this time, we are very proud, because we have this exquisite opportunity to present to you, after many years of a constant researching, we have finally managed to produce simply stunning makeup set, related to your eyes, which is consisting of three divine and highly effective beauty products- Soft Diffuse Powder Eye Liner, Hyper Stretch Eye Serum and Hyper Stretch Mascara.
Soft Diffuse Powder Eye Liner- presents a very versatile solution. It will help you look, a bit dramatic, as you define your eyes using this mighty tool. This mighty and very useful beauty tool comes in a form of a powder, and that fact allows being applied preferably with an angled eyeliner brush, which are used, either being dry or when being dampened. These powder eyeliners come in the most various colors and shades, so, you have all the freedom of choosing from this very vast range.
Hyper Stretch Eye Serum- presents a beauty product on which we are the most proud of. Its main function is to boost your natural lashes’ length, simply by stimulating keratin production, a protein found in your lashes. This application of this powerful serum enables your lashes to grow faster and to become longer, fuller, stronger and healthier, while, at the same time, they're preserving their natural elasticity and highly softness (that all allows a really high level of concentration of stimulating Pro-Long Complex™ (new innovation formula, which is developed by the best Oriflame scientists)). With the assistance of this revolutionary ingredient, your lashes will, in just four weeks time, become, (naturally) much healthier and visibly fuller and longer. In order to boost the length of your lashes, and, at the same time, to achieve them seem to be really full and empowered, you should apply this potent serum to the base of lashes, and then, very gently, to brush onto them. Not only will your lashes appear healthier and more voluminous, but also they will be a much stronger and also be proper primed for a further mascara application.
Hyper Stretch Mascara- is used as a final detail, in order to give a final touch the already been elongated eyelashes. This product has a really powerful, and by the latest technology trend designed, fiber brush, which present, in a combination to the mascara’s powerful and very potent formula, just the perfect solution for your eyelashes. The matrix, of this highly innovative brush, links multiple combinations to each and every aspect of mascara’s performance, from length to volume, separation to definition and offers much more. By applying Hyper Stretch Mascara on a daily basis, you allow your lashes to become up to 65% extended. Although, it might sound very complicated, to work on this application is truly very easy. The formula delivers pretty outstanding results, which allows for your eyes to stay flake and smudge free, during the whole day. In case, you don’t believe me, feel free to order this divine set, jet today and save up to 40%. Please, search this set in our latest brochure. And now, you can afford yourself to have a professional eye style, without going to professional makeup artist.

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