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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Powerful Protection With A Gentle Touch

There’s absolutely nothing better (of which I can, currently, think of :-)), than spending the whole late summer morning, simply by wandering through the local market and picking up, one of the freshest summer fruits and vegetables that you are gonna use in preparation of the following colorful, healthy and utterly delicious meal. Definitely, in these groceries, there is something magical. Not only they are very healthy and present an excellent source of all the essential substances, but, they are considered to have some additional, extraordinary impact on our skin, too.

That’s the way they are vital ingredients in almost every skin care product you can even imagine, (ranged from all kinds of pretty effective eye creams to some of the best facial masks, shower gels, luxurious skin creams, sunscreens, sops and in a very wide range of the fragrances, perfumes and deodorants). I simply don’t want to forget to mention, that fruits and vegetables (mainly combined) present a vital ingredient of, almost, every anti-aging treatments and highly effect day or night creams. The latest science research results show that certain (mainly citrus) fruits contain natural really high level of antioxidants and antimicrobials, and are therefore, they do truly miracles, when it comes to anti-aging and also possess highly protective properties. The aromatherapy aspect presents just a big bonus.

Since the Cleopatra time, the fruits are used (predominately pomegranate), mainly, as a fragrance. Thus, the very Cleopatra, without knowing that pomegranate juice can improve the overall appearance of her pretty ugly and deep wrinkled skin (simply by reducing inflammation and preventing any eventual further damages), use it as a fragrance. Highly interesting data, don’t you think the same?
Nowadays, everybody is familiar with the fact, that the health benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables are so numerous. So, we shouldn’t be so surprised that the same (or even similar intensity) effects are being expected from fruits and vegetables, which are used in cosmetics. This time, our expectations are fully justified and legitimate. Every single day, there are more and more scientific evidences which show that if fruits and vegetables are 100% natural (organic cultivated and without any traces of GMO), fresh and not sprayed, they both present an excellent source of all nutrients, which our body needs, and that they can be administered orally (through food) or externally (through the use of the most various skin care beauty products). The effect would be pretty similar.

          The bare truth is, that they both (fruits and vegetables), are full of some pretty awesome ingredients, such as: bunch of an exceptional antioxidants and highly valuable vitamins, all kinds of the minerals, and nutrients like vitamin A, B, C, D and E, enzyme Q 10, selenium, carotenoids,  phytonutrients, potassium, zing and many, many more!!!
          So, if that ever happens in your life that you find yourself faced with a dilemma, for which the product is to opt for, read the list of ingredients on the back side of the pack (don’t be lazy: -)), and opt for the products, which contains fruit. Not only will your bathroom smell on some exotic fruits (mango or papaya, for example), but your skin will shine in its full glory; will be refreshed, strengthened and rejuvenated. If you found this article inspiring (and, I hope, sincerely that’ll be the case :-)), hurry to the nearest cosmetic shop and afford yourself pretty delicious and utterly pleasure for all the senses.

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