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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Pay Less For Quality Tooth Care!

Nowadays, the markets are literally flooded with the most various types of the toothpastes. They are able to solve any kinds of problem, which are, of course, is related to your teeth. The vast majority of leading companies, of the brand toothpastes, has released on the global markets, so called, „all in one“ toothpaste. This truly remarkable toothpaste contains the blend of really important agents, in order to reduce tartar formation, improve the general health of your teeth and to prevent, an eventual appearance, of a dental caries. It’s of a great importance to stress out that these „all in one“ toothpastes (respectively their formulas) have been „clinically proven“ by seeking relevant information from the people, who have already been using these toothpastes and with health personnel (mainly, dentists and pharmacists), which have a really vast expertise in the field.
    Toothpastes come in paste, gel or even in the powder forms (?!). Despite being too many types of toothpastes, they have some common ingredients:
  •     Strong abrasive agents;
  •    Some kinds of the artifical sweeteners (they are added to toothpastes, in order to make them taste better);
  •  Various humectants for moisture retention (some of the pastes often contain glycerol, which prevents the toothpastes from drying out);
  •   Some small amounts of detergents (like sodium lauryl sulfate);
  •   And, the last on my list are- some agents that add a certain small dose of thickness to the toothpaste and help it to maintain its proper texture.

But, the ingredient, which is the most frequently used, certainly is fluoride. And, this article will be devoted to some great benefits, which fluoride offers, but, also to (a few) possible side effects (which mainly refers to small children).
So, here we go :-). I really don’t know if you are aware of the fact that fluoride toothpastes make up more than 95% of all toothpastes, which are sold. Pretty impressive figure, isn’t it? The most recent investigation of the effectiveness of adding fluoride to toothpaste have shown that the fluoride compounds and their combinations (such as: sodium, amine and stannous fluoride) are really effective, when it comes to fighting against dental cavity.
    When it comes to the exact amount of fluoride contained in fluoride in average toothpaste, that data should stand on the toothpaste tube. Sometimes, it may happen (but, it’s pretty rare) that this particular information may be hard to notice. You should look up under the label “active ingredient” on a toothpaste tube. It should be there. The most efficient method, of informing people how much fluoride contains each tube of a toothpaste, is to give the "parts per million" fluoride (shown as: ppm F; Most toothpastes contain around 1,000-1,500 ppm F).
    When it comes to the usage fluoride toothpaste by children, feel free to let them use fluoride enriched toothpaste, twice per day to wash their teeth, fluoride can, even, be good for their young teeth (note following: a pea size amount of fluoride toothpaste is more than enough for their age). Overdosing with fluoride (which isn’t that rare, as you may think) is coming, when the child swallows a sizable amount of toothpaste and that could lead to a very serious health condition, widely known as enamel fluorosis.

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