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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Nature’s Effective Detox Routine

Dear my ladies, it’s high time to be completely honest to each other :-). So, in order to be the first one, who is gonna, in a way, „break the ice“, I will ask you to answer to just one, very simple question (but, you should be completely honest in answering it, for your own sake, not for mine :-)). Have you ever found yourself being totally wasted (of the alcohol, of course), that’s you couldn’t remember, in the following morning, absolutely anything from the previous night? Instead the memory, of a particular event, stands just a big,  pretty blurry image (in other words, said: the big black hole instead of the actual memory from that wild night)?
To be completely honest, I had these „blackouts“ just a couple of times in my 27 years, and I can tell you that those troubles (such as unbearably severe headaches and severe nausea in my entire stomach (or even worse, the strong acid, depending on what I've been drinking the night before)), I wouldn’t wish for even, the worst enemy. It makes me sick, even from the memories of that state. In case you don’t know from your own personal experience (which I doubt :-P. Again, you have not been honest with yourself: -P: -)), it is such a horrible feeling that you, literally, think that you are gonna fall apart from fatigue, unbearable pains and  exhaustion you feel in every single muscle in your whole body. To put it simply- creepy feeling!
In these (rare :-P) cases, I needed a complete detoxification for both, for my soul: -), and for my body. My face skin was so dry and dull, my pores were so widely open and full of dirt, my hair was in the most terrible condition, it smelled of smoke, it was also completely matted and so lifeless, that I came, from misery, to start crying. I was completely devastated. I was so shocked by the sight, which I saw in the mirror, that I’ve totally forgotten on acid in the gizzard and my head was immediately stopped to pain. "I have to put myself in order, at once!", were the first thoughts that went through my head. So, I started with fixing myself...
The very first thing, which I did, was to take a long bath. I used, as always, some really awesome and highly effective skin & hair care products from the famous Swedish cosmetic house- Oriflame (I love to call the set of these products- „The First Aid Kid“ :-) I used, one of my all-time favorites, called:  Swedish Spa Stimulating Shower Gel  and have massaged my entire body by using  Swedish Spa Exfoliating Massage Bar“. By instant, I felt much better and utterly refreshed. Right after I dried myself with a gently towel (only by tapping my skin), I applied „ Swedish Spa Anti-cellulite Cream“ and I was very pleased by the very first result. My entire body skin was refreshed with, very subtle, high glow traces. The shower gel left it much softer and milder. I was feeling great!
Then, I moved on my hair. After shampooing it (twice actually, it was so dirty and smelly!), I applied, one of my favorite masks and leave it on my hair for the next 20 minutes. After doing that, I was free to completely devote all my spare time, to my face skin. Firstly, I used „Swedish Spa Smoothing Face Scrub“, in order to get rid all of the dirt, which has been stuck in my pores. Then, I moved on and I applied „Swedish Spa Purifying Face Mask“, in order to additionally feed and strengthen my facial skin with an extra nutrients, which comes directly from nature. After rinsing it out, I put on a really potent and highly efficient moisturizing serum, and immediately after that, the rejuvenation daily cream on, a bit, thicker layer. I was so thrilled and pleased with the results, that I promised to myself that, I will never allow myself to, once again, find myself in such a terrible situation and shape (and I'm not, at least, until the next time; -))!!!

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