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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Make it Day to Remember

I suppose, that I’ve been familiar with the fact that certain scents can be a really powerful trigger, which can easily evoke the memories, but I suppose I’ve doubted that theory, or simply didn’t further indulged in thinking about it. However, the relatively recent event, I’ve experienced something quite strange, which convinced of the truth of that theory and made me, in a way, to stop and deeper rethink about it.
I was quite ordinary day, I was sweeping the dust of the shelves in my bedroom. The music, as usual, was on and I was singing! The relevant detail of the story is, that I keep the perfume bottles separated from their boxes, and to wipe them all, I need, at least 15 min. During the wiping, I ran into the bottle of perfume, which was the gift of my ex boyfriend, I received as a gift during our holiday in Egypt. I was very „emotionally involved“ :-) with him, I was, literary, adored him (to be more specific!) and who has hurt me so badly that I am still recovering from that relationship, although, it's been two years, since then.
 Although, I have hundreds of times, wiping the dust from that same bottle, without having enough courage to open and smell it (though, it is still left more than half a bottle, because I was wearing only the very special, of course, shared occasions). I really don’t have a clue what was going on in my head (what I have been thinking of at that specific moment). The most probably, I felt flurry of strange power and enthusiasm and I thought that I  have left this whole situation deep buried in the past), so I opened and sniffed it.
Soon, all of my courage and strength was gone, and I found myself next to him, in that same small private perfumery. The seller was trying to persuade him to buy that bottle of perfume for " a beautiful young lady". The old feeling was flooded all over me, and, I shivered from some very strange, and quite sudden coldness, yet, I’ve experienced all over again the same pain, sorrow and misery, and soon I was very angry at myself, what I have done to myself  and I what was I thinking about when came to my mind to open the God damn bottle!
I believe that there is absolutely no need to point out that the rest of the day I was trying to get back from a shock!!!
But, I have some positive experiences with the fragrances. Not all of them are so sad and bad :-). But, that last one has left on me so strong impression, that I had to share it with you. The good news is, that we can choose, which scent we are gonna bind to a specific event. My strong recommendation is to choose a specific, of course, pleasant moment (maybe the first kiss, the romantic date or a highly interesting picnic), which you want to last forever, and make it a day, which will be worth remembering for, simply by wearing a new „Precious Moments“ Eau De Perfume from the famous Swedish cosmetic house Oriflame. Allow yourself to all of your dreams and the deepest, innermost and subtle wishes to come true.

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