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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Leave Nothing but Beauty Behind!

Even the sparrows on a branch (:-)) know that key of the flawless beauty of our face, pretty equal lies, on the usage of the high quality makeup, which we are applying to our face, but also about the usage a top the quality of makeup remover which we are using when we want to remove our makeup from the face. The crucial „rule“ is to NEVER, BUT NEVER, lying down to sleep with a full makeup on our face! Not only that presents no 1 cause of the blemishes, but it wasn’t pretty to look at, either. For example, my sister, who has a very bad tendency to lie down in sleep, under full makeup, even though she’s at only 22 years old, when she wakes up, looks more like an old lady who has over 60 (aside from the fact it is very unhygienic, ugly and that’s not appropriate behavior for a young, promising medicine college girl!
    Although, the today’s global drugstores are, literally, stuffed with the most various brands of makeup removers, it’s very hard to choose the right one, which are gonna be suitable for your skin complexion and which, of course, will be doing the proper job. By saying that, I don’t mean only the basic stuff (like: removing out all the makeup from your face), but also, along with the makeup, which are will remove all of the natural oils and dirt out of your pores, and which will leave nothing but the true beauty behind :-).
In case that you have a sensitive skin (it’s not that hard to figure it out. If you get irritated (you skin itches or even erupts in a rash) from everyday skin care products, for example, the soap, you should opt for some products of, a bit, milder formulas (nowadays, luckily, there are even the whole lines of the products, which are especially designed and intend only to the sensitive skin). When it comes to choosing the appropriate makeup remover, which will be suitable for sensitive skin complexion, the best solution here would be to opt for the ones that are gonna dissolve makeup and dig out dirt, oil and microbes out of your pores, and, at the same time, which be very easy to rinsing off.
    Generally speaking, when you choose between the regular makeup remover and the waterproof makeup remover, although the second ones tend to be more expensive (but, they are much better quality, too), you should always opt for them. They are much more effective, and, at the same time, are much more gentle to your entire skin complexion. Most of them have the awesome ability to pretty quickly lift away long-wearing eye and lip makeup, even without tugging. Their highly gentle formula has tugged-free, non-irritating, and non-stinging.
But, the best of all, is the fact that the vast majority of makeup removers are being ophthalmologist tested and announce appropriate for contact lens wearers and are suitable for all skin types. It’s formulated without any parabens, phthalates nor sulfates. They are always leaving your skin feeling soft and luxuriously comfortable.

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