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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Irresistible Intensity

All of the women know that the best possible way to draw the attention of the opposite sex, and, at the same, to create the fun flirty look of our eyes, is to add mascara. It presents a key component, when comes to making our eyes stand out. The presents of mascara is so vital that the other things, like gorgeous eye shadows and divine, rich and colorful lipsticks (or whatever), without great looking lashes, absolutely no one will notice. Adding just two powerful layers, of the magical true black mascara, will bring a true depth to your eyes and will open them widely up. However, if you, by any chance, don’t apply your chosen mascara proper (or even you overdo it with the amount of inflicted, or, at the worst case, you don’t how to apply your mascara), you can be absolutely sure that will draw (unwanted) attention, too. Let’s face the bare truth, none of us desire to have too much mascara on our lashes (widely known as the “spider” lashes). It isn't any shame to admit not having the proper skills (not knowing how to apply the mascara on), no worries at all, it can be learned. Knowing exactly how to utilize your mascara is just a matter of practice as well as experience.
 Best and high quality mascaras have the ability, not only to provide for lashes darker look, they also have the ability to add an additional dose of thickness and length (it all depends on which mascara you opt for). For example, well known and highly popular mascara from our famous cosmetic line “The ONE”-“Volume Blast Mascara” from Oriflame is Volumizing mascara with lash-grabbing brush and very bold boost wax system, which delivers super lash separation and even coverage that lasts 24hrs. In combination with “The ONE Eye Liner Stylo”, has never been easier to achieve the look, which is so seductive and irresistible and that will, surely, many men left speechless and breathless (and that’s our primary goal, right? :-)). Feel free to unleash the temptress within you, and let your imagination run free and express your full creativity.
The one of the most stunning properties which posses the Volumizing mascara is really rare and highly unique formula which helps creating the look of full, magnificent and luxurious lashes. The highly unique formula presents the combination of the natural waxes and the most carefully chosen powders, which provides for the lashes an instant boost. The perfect constructed brush works, helped by the powders in the formula, provides for the lashes the unique thicken and fresh look without clumping and, at the same time, giving them divine volume that will last and last.
    If you are looking for the easiest way to vamp up your eyes for the incredible night on the town, or you desire to bring a little more drama into your daily look, blow everyone away with this magical, bold and powerful combination from Oriflame. Order now and save up to 30%. Oriflame always has been the perfect solution, when it comes to buying our cosmetic products. Only we are offering the best possible quality for very reasonable amounts of money. So, don’t hesitate, order jet today!

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