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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Intense Treatments To Defeat Wrinkles And DEFY YOUR AGE!

Tell me honestly, are you afraid of aging? Don’t worry, it’s totally ok to say “yes” (well, I am not afraid to admit, that I’m terrified after what I've read, while preparing to write this article). It is legitimate to feel frightened for more reasons. The main reason belongs to our global economic situation, which is literally falling apart. We are all very well aware of the fact that quality cosmetics require a lot of money. The question is-How do we imagine affording it, when the big question is whether we have enough money to survive? I don’t know about you, but that firstly freaks me out! And the second belongs to our global warming “tiny” problem and high pollution (for which we have only ourselves to blame), so in this state, wrinkles, fine lines and the dark spots are much earlier visible (our skin, generally speaking, are getting older much faster these days, then would it, if we will live in healthy area). But, this is our reality and this is the cost, which we all have to pay to our mother nature (this is a cost of 21st century, a cost for technology and fast development). If you ask me, the humanity pays a very high price for keeping this way of life. But, never mind… Let’s snap back to the subject! So, we are desperate to hold our youth a little bit longer, so that’s why we will be doing almost everything!
The very first step, which should be considered when it comes to using day and night creams and combining them with a powerful and effective eye cream, is its main ingredients.
Regarding the daily creams, there are so many in today’s markets. The real magic is needed to choose the best one, which will, at the same time, suite your needs and be affordable. In order to make it, a bit, easier for you to opt for the best product, first we will consider what happens to the skin of a woman, who has more than 50 years.
          As we get older, our skin loses its elasticity and shine; the cells in the skin reduce with the production of collagen, to the extent, in which it has produced in our youth. In general, the skin is dry, dull, and full of ugly deep wrinkles, especially in regions, such as our eyes, mouth, forehead and neck. The dark spots are much more visible on the entire surface of our face and pretty often, we have big, thick and dark circles under the eyes. All in all, our skin urgently needs "complete renovation and rejuvenation" the extra dose of firming and lifting as well as plumping (pretty much everything :-)).
          When it comes to choosing a daily cream, you should opt for the one, which contains a really high lever of the mighty ingredient called retinol. There isn’t absolutely no better ingredient, which will stimulate collagen by encouraging your cell turnover and, at the same time, which will minimize the ugly pigmentation marks. Although, until recently, retinol is considered to be the main causer of dryness, irritations and redness of the skin, the latest researchers in this field show that the next generation of the retinol products is much more suitable for highly sensitive skin types.
But, when we’re thinking about buying an effective night cream, we should have on our minds, that it needs to contain the hydrating glycerin and mighty antioxidant (Vitamin E), in order to help replenish your skin’s natural moisture level, while we’re sleeping. The key factor in keeping our mature skin properly hydrated, softened and smoothed is to boost its natural, highly protecting barrier, which will be pretty easy to achieve, with an assistance of a fatty acids and Vitamin B (they present also the vital ingredients, which every quality night cream should contain).
Probably, the most effective eye creams are the most expensive beauty products in the markets, these days. They come in very small packages. They usually present a product with a real magical formula (for instance, they are enriched with fatty acids and very potent silica formulas, which allow for the gentle and very thin skin under our eyes, to be strengthened, almost by instant). Whilst the healthy Vitamin C provides necessary brightness. That’s why they are so popular and so eagerly wanted, by the all women, who have a mature skin, worldwide.

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