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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Hair Care That Keeps on Giving

If you very similar understandings as I, regarding the „hair phenomena“ :-), that’s terrific! :-) Then, I can, even, skip the introductory part and move straight to the point. Relax, just kidding! :-)
 To me, my hair presents, literary speaking, the most essential part of my whole body & soul. My family, even, teasing me about it, by joking around and questioning me what’s „her“ name. But, I don’t really care, let them be! To be completely honest with you, not only that I am spending (once in 15 days) the whole bloody day by caring and nourishing my hair, but, at the same time, I really adore my long, blond hair. I know how sick, it may sound, but (like I have already said)  I don’t really care :-). So, that’s me :-). Big deal!
I’ve been (luckily, only once) in such an awful position, my hair was so damaged (by the constant heat styling  it (2x a week)), that the only solution was to repaint it in dark (highly depressive) brown and cut it (then, my hair was covering my whole back, and I must cut it to fit the size which barely have covered my neck part). I have been traumatized for a lifetime. With that, let’s call it, „shape“ my hair should stay, at least, the following six months or so. I think, it's highly unnecessary to stress out that these six months have seemed to me as centuries (without any exaggeration) and that was, peerless, the worst period of my whole life. And since then, I am, strictly, taking care of my hair, don’t regret to to set aside, a bit, a larger sum of money, in order to afford myself to buy some top quality and proven cosmetic and I  also dedicate to my hair a bigger part of my spare time and love :-).
So, it’s a really important that you always keep in your mind that your hair is, primarily, consisting of proteins. It includes three basic layers: the medulla, cortex, and the cuticle. Damn your hair can be caused by combinations of the several factors (the most common combination includes excessive heat styling (as a permanent, and the most frequent, factor) in the several of combinations).
But, why is that happening, in the first place? Primarily, it has been characterized by open cuticles and broken protein bonds in the hair. Physically observed, damaged hair is rough, dull and highly brittle to the touch (to be specific, it looks like a straw), and very prone to split ends.
So, this was my attempt (more like a challenge :-)) to try to write „a small“ introductory part (you may judge yourself, in which, exact the extent, I was really successful :-P)!
My point was that you pull out the some point of my sincere confession :-) and to never let yourself,  „that kind of luxury“, to find in, even, a similar, highly stressful situation. If you what to avoid this terrible episode, check out my list (below) of DON’T’s :-):
    Exaggeration in a Heat Styling (that includes a hair style tools like: Hair dryers, Curling irons, Hot rollers and Flat irons);
    Constant Painting Your Hair with Harmful Chemicals (in this group falls: Bleach, Perms, various Strengtheners and Relaxers);
    You Should Avoid the Harsh Weather Conditions (strong and cold wind during the harsh winter time, and, also during the summer heats, you should avoid standing out in the strong and harsh sun rays);
    Friction Damages Hair the Most Frequently (out of all the factors discussed above, friction, definitely, has the most devastating impact on the general health of your hair (by frequent daily combing (simply by using the appropriate comb) and night, while we are sleeping (actually, the constant rubbing of the hair against a surface (pillow) leads to damaging and breaking it));

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