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Friday, 8 August 2014

Goodbye, Dark Spots Hello, Gorgeous Complexion

There is, a sort of the chemical, called melanin, which gives the human skin its color. We all are very well familiar with the fact, that producing too much melanin in just one area, could lead to appearing of the cute, sweet, tiny spots call freckles. And if it keeps at it, that's great, but, in the most cases, it doesn’t stay only on this, in fact, it’s developing further and further. Soon, all our face is covered by really ugly dark spots (they are also known as a hyperpigmentation). Sure, they can appear as a result of a certain hormonal fluctuations, or as a side effect of using some kinds of drugs, but those cases are, pretty much, rare. The most common appearance of the dark spots on our faces, are directly caused by the overexposure of the harsh and strong sun rays.
Although, it isn’t considered to be a serve medical condition, jet needs for proper treated. Depending how serious the condition of the patient is, nowadays, we are able to treat even the most severe cases with the assistance of the 21st modern technology. A group of people, which are the most affected by this problem, are those with light skin and very bright eyes, albeit the rest aren’t spared either. If you have this problem, the first you should do is to determinate the main reason, why these disgusting and ugly spots appeared on your face. The second thing you should do is to determinate how serious your condition is (maybe, it's a good idea to visit a dermatologist, who will give you an accurate diagnosis and determine the exact medical treatment). And then, you should access to a healing process. Simple, by constant treating the fundamental cause of these ugly dark spots, (using magical creams in a combination with other treatments) can lead you to desirable skin complexion. Trying natural skin lightening methods present the most efficient ways in which you can deal with the awkward problem.
In order to make it easier for you, I have prepared some suitable treatments, depending on how serious your condition is. So, here they are:
1.    A Skin Lightening Creams- They are mainly used for 1st degree of “disease”. They light the skin with an assistance of a skin-lightening agent called hydroquinone. With its constant and regular usage, you can expect gradual lightening of the dark spots and creating a more even skin tone. This, in time, that certainly leads to fresh and gorgeous skin complexion;
2.    Manual Exfoliation- Used also for some easier levels. If you’re, for example, have the dark spot shorter period of time (a couple of months), you should try to simply exfoliate them. For those, who aren’t familiar with this term-to exfoliate presents a process of removing the top skin layer, in order to enable for the new skin to bring to the surface;
3.    A Topical Acid Treatment- Used to solve, a bit, “seriously” degrees of the skin problems (which are related, of course, to the dark spots). They are working on pretty much the same principle as the peeling (the application of the various kinds of a powerful acids (usually retinol), leads to removal of the top layers of dead skin cells, which allows for fresh and new skin to bring to the surface (so, the skin is fully rejuvenated);
4.     Chemical Peel and Microderabrasion- Used also in some cases, in which we have to apply some aggressive methods treated, in order to, finally, get rid of this ugly dark spots. Chemical peels are much stronger method than acid treatment and they, literary; remove your top skin layer with the help of some powerful acids (like alpha hydroxyl acids or beta hydroxyl acids) in much higher concentration. While microderabrasion presents a procedure in which we are using very fine crystals, in order to, in a way, sandblast the dark spot of our skin. On the exact place, where the skin is being removed, a new, fresh layer of skin becomes to grow, almost, by instant. Treatment is usually advisable to do one per month, during the several months.
5.    Laser Treatments- These treatments are used for really severe cases. The procedure implies using pretty quick pulses of light, in order to destroy the most persistent dark spots caused by melanin. These ugly pigmented areas absorb the laser light and shatter or even evaporate. Our body is able to heal this spot by creating a scrub on the “wounded” place, which allows for the new, unpigmented and fresher skin to take its place. Please, keep in mind, that the laser treatments require a lot of money, but, on the other hand, they are highly efficient, although can be really painful.

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