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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Get the CHIC LOOK That Lasts!

I hoped that we have agreed in the previous article, that the lipstick, nowadays, presents absolutely necessary accessory for every woman. Especially, the ones, whose vibrant color lasts for “centuries” (according to the most recent researches, the color of the new Oriflame’s lipstick “The One Color Unlimited Lipstick”can last, surprisingly, even 10 hours! Wow! That “rule” is equally valid when it comes to a lip balm. Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be! Maybe, you aren’t familiar with the existence of the lip balm, which has only a hint of color. Yes, there is such a thing :-). Firstly, let’s say something related to lip balm.
    We like to use lip balm almost every day, especially in winter time, when we desire to soothe our lips and protect them from becoming dry and cracked. But, then, some of the lip balms, instead of solving this problem out, they actually caused it! So, you should pay an addition attention when you are picking up a lip balm (stick to the brands, which are proven!). If you use a lip balm, which isn’t proper concerned (even worse, if you are addicted to a such product), there are tiny chance that you might get ill from cancer (there are the rumors that the cancer can be caused by the agents or acids in your lip balm, but it stayed just a rumor, it isn’t scientifically proven-so, actually, there isn’t anything to worry about). In fact, the worst side effect of overuse of your lip balm, which has occurred in my mind, is actually an increase in lip chapping! (???) To clarify a bit… There some ingredients, which contain almost every lip balm, which may lead to a tendency to use that specific lip balm more frequently, only by prolonging the chapped effects. Obviously, you should avoid such a product (actually try to avoid all the lip balms, which contain ingredients such as salicylic acid, phenol or menthol). Instead, you should stick to the ones that contain petroleum, because petroleum will keep your lips properly moisture and that will prevent, in the future time, the chapping or perpetuating it. You should also avoid the scented (or flavored) lip balms and stick to the natural ones.
    When it comes to lipstick, in this particular article, we will be dealing with the best suitable ones, according to your skin tone. Sounds fun? :-) Read on…   If your skin tone is super pale (like mine :-))
You should stick to: The makeup artists, here, agree in assessing, that the best solution is to go with nude tones (such as peachy lipsticks and also nude colored glosses). For the ones, who possess enough courage (like me :-)), they should try true red lipstick, in order to achieve the major impact!
You should avoid: Very dark chocolate or burgundy shades, which are too contrasting in comparison to your pale skin.
  If your skin tone is super dark (you lucky girl!)

You should stick to: Coral or even orange shades are the ideal for a bit fun look (of course, with additional (large) amount of the high gloss), if you want (I bet you do :-)) to achieve that anyone, who will be in the same room with you, to drop dead of jealousy :-)!
You should avoid: You should stay away from chalky colors (which contains with a lot of white in them), they are too contrasting in comparison to your dark skin.
   If you have, by any chance, olive toned skin (if you are a Greek or Italian)

You should stick to: Pretty much every color will look excellent on your lips. But, in order to achieve a gorgeous and stunning look, you should try to inflict the divine and trendy coral lipstick.

You should avoid: There are only two colors which you should avoid: purple and dark brown. The first one will give an extra accent to the yellow undertones in your skin and that will provide a sallow look. And, the second one will look, on your skin tone, too monochromatic and highly boring :-)!  If your skin tone has a bit yellow undertones

You should stick to: Blue-based reds present an ideal solution, if you really desire to dress up. You should also try some bronze shades, if you want to achieve a bit monochromatic look.
You should avoid: Again, stay far away from the purple shades, it will give an extra accent to the yellow undertones in your skin and that will provide a really sick look (and that isn’t attractive at all!)
  If your skin tone has a trace of pink undertones

You should stick to: Peach tones will be ideal for a bit softer and milder look and brick red will be ideal, if your primary goal is to achieve a classic pin-up girl look.

You should avoid: Blue-based reds will clash with your skin tone (and that won’t be, you just have to agree here with me, so pretty sight).

I hope that I was of some help :-) and I don’t have any doubts, at all, that you will pick up the best possible color, which will be suitable with your skin tone. Just, remember to stick to the trusted brands, which Oriflame certainly is!

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