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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Gentle & Fresh, The Way It Should Be

Ladies, this article is devoted to you. As you have a custom (more suitable expression here would be- the addiction :-)) to buy a tone of the most various beauty products (not to mention the clothes :-)), which are never gonna use (let’s face it!), you should equally pay attention to your intimate (general) health as well as, your intimate skin area. Although, the very vast majority of women worldwide usually forget, the vaginal area is also skin! Do you even aware of the fact that our vaginal area can also change with ages, as well as the rest of our skin do? The most probably you didn’t even think about it!  The skin around our vaginal area is even more sensitive and so delicate and also has more sweat glands than anywhere else. So, it needs products, which are going to be specially designed and intended for all, highly unique and top quality features, such as a very specific pH range (which is of really vital importance, in order to our body, naturally and on its own, is able to protect our vaginal area). Intimate skin is so similar to highly sensitive (body) skin, so the ingredients (which are used to cleanse (or care) for the vaginal area), in the products must be very carefully, prudently and specially formulated to be gentle, but yet highly effective.
    We, in Oriflame, are pretty much aware of, above listed, facts, so, we created (of course, with the constant assistance and cooperation, of our scientists and gynecologists) brand new line of cosmetic products (of a really vast range), especially intended for the care of the woman’s intimate area, called “Feminelle”. Let me to “fill you in” with further, more detailed, information :-).
    Daily care products are especially imagined and designed, in order to help you to clean, maintain and protect, in the best possible way, your delicate vaginal area. So, if you use a specially formulated eye cream to apply to the skin around your eyes (I bet, you do!!!), well you should use specially formulated wash gel/wipes/deodorant/mouse and cleansing gel, for the care of your vaginal area. That should also be part of your daily skin routine (it is also (vital :-P) part of your skin/body/organism (call it as you wish, just start to pay attention to this!)). Really, it’s the high time (in case you didn’t have practice) to take a special care for you’re the most intimate part of the body!
    The usual, let’s call them, “activities” :-), of this particular area (like “a period” each month, having sexual intercourse or even menopause) can disarrange your very delicate vaginal balance. It has been clinically proven that the regular usage of Refreshing or Smoothing Intimate Wash Gel from Oriflame, can help you to maintain a healthy pH balance, in order to, additionally, fortify natural defenses of this region. You should use it on a daily basis, without being afraid that this regular usage will cause any side effects. Generally speaking, the proper balanced pH level is truly of the vital importance, when it comes to our reproductive health.
    The products, which are intended for an intimate skin care of every single woman, should be (generally speaking):
1.    Gynecologist tested and approved;
2.    Specially intended for a highly sensitive and delicate skin;
3.    Hypoallergenic tested and approved;
4.    Fragrance free (or with a very light and fresh scent);
5.    Proper pH balanced;
6.    Tasteless and non-staining;
7.    Without any hormones;
8.    To be water based, which won’t harm condoms;
9.    Optionally, to be enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E;
10.     100% Talc-free and
11.     To be safe and gentle for everyday use.

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