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Monday, 11 August 2014

Daily Foot Care Everyone Can Afford!

This time of the year is absolutely ideal for preparing your foot for the following vocation. Everything else is already been prepared (your suitcases are packed, your plane tickets are ready, your booked flights are confirmed and your holiday is about to start). The excitement, about the upcoming holiday, is feeling even in the air :-). And, it has just rested enough time to properly prepare your foot for the beach. You just don’t want anything to spoil your very detailed planned holiday. And, cracked heels and ingrown nails might be the reason for you to feel very uncomfortable and highly unsecure in your own skin!
Please, imagine the following scenario: you are lying on the sandy beach, looking as the top model from the world-renowned fashion magazines. Everything is in its place, you’ve led, finally, your line to its perfection, you’re wearing  just the perfect swimsuit (which you've always desired to wear), you hear the waves of the warm and blue sea, you’re noticing the looks from the passersby and you enjoy the attention, which you provoke (you’re thinking that men admire your looks, and women to envy you for the same reason), but by their disgusted expressions, you realize you're wrong! You're wondering in what, specific they're looking in and you realize that they staring at your cracked heels and ingrown feet. That’s pretty embarrassing; the worst thing is that you totally forgot about your foot. And now, you’re blushing, you feel so ashamed. All of a sudden your confidence has fallen to zero.
In vain were all your efforts: thoroughly and very neatly shaved legs and bikini zone, fake tan, irresistibly soft and delicate skin of your body, your health and high shiny hair, your proper nourished hands... simply, a cracked heel or ingrown toenail is enough to ruin the perfect holiday of your dreams. Don’t let this tiny problem to spoil all your efforts!
Oriflame has, and this time also :-), thinking in advance for you, and has prepared a jumbo set for daily foot care, with a special, late summer, discount. Order this marvelous set today, and you can save up to, unbelieving, 50%. Look in up in our latest catalog. The set consists of Feet Up Reviving Foot Spay (which very effectively masks the odor of your feet), Feet Up Antiperspirant Pine &Witch Hazel Foot Cream (which present highly effective  anti-perspirant foot cream, which leaves your feet refreshed, smooth and soft with divine pine and hazel scent)) and Feet Up Nourishing Beeswax Foot Cream (presents a truly amazing and powerful cream which deeply nourish your feet with its mighty and highly powerful ingredient beeswax). And, as a special and limited edition is Summer Foot File (with this handy and mighty tool in your purse, you won’t ever be in above described situation, because your heels (and your feet, in general) will look absolutely gorgeous in every single situation. Simply by using this very practical and highly useful tool, you are in a position, to, finally, once forever to file away all the calluses, cracks and smooth rough spots. This is an amazing offer, which you don't wanna miss it!

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