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Monday, 4 August 2014

Bright And Beautiful

I’m pretty sure that every girl is dreaming to have perfectly painted nails, which can express your mood or even to match just perfectly with your daily outfit and which can reflect your personality. And all that, without going to manicure!!! Maybe it sounds like the mission impossible, BUT with this, very simple, guide combined with a brand new line of a trendy color of the “Long Wear Nail Polish” from Oriflame, all this can be done :-). You just need to set aside a 30 min or so, and you’re gonna have the perfect painted nails in vivid, long lasting, the colors by which you will be remembered for.

1.    You should opt for a nail polish, which you’re gonna use today;
My advice here would be to opt for the one, which, in the best way, will reflect your current mood or for the one, which will present the perfect match with your wearing combination. Just, pay attention-the darker colors will make your nails appear smaller (so, you should opt for those shades, if you have a bit longer nails; otherwise, opt for vivid and trendy colors).
Tip+ It’s better to choose a nail polish, which isn’t too old (the old one tent to become thick and gloopy and you will find them a bit harder to paint on your nails.
2.    You should choose the suitable room (and exact place), where you can paint your nails;
The best option here is, to opt for the proper lit room, which will also be well ventilated and clean, and will possess a stable surface (the kitchen, maybe).
3.    You should be thinking, a bit, in advance and prepare all the necessary supplies, which you might be needed;
I mean on the supplies, such as nail polish remover, some cotton rounds, nail clipper, a cuticle stick, a few files…
4.    Then, you should take off all of the traces of an old nail polish (in case, you have one on);
Even, if you currently don’t have any polish on, either way, you should, still, swipe some nail polish remover over your nails, before starting painting them again (in order to get rid of natural nail oil, that will help the nail polish to go on smoothly to your nail surface and will allow for the color to last longer).

5.    After doing so, you should push your cuticles back;
Note, that the best (and the easiest way, too) to do so, is to soften them a bit (try soaking your nails in a bathroom, in some warm water for a minute or two, then dry them well, and then use a cuticle stick to push the soft skin of each cuticle, in order to get it back to the very edge of the nail. I am pretty sure, that this time, it will much easier).
6.    Then, feel free to apply a base coat of a clear nail polish;
This step is crucial, mainly, because the base gauzy layer will provide for your color nail polish a very smooth surface, on which it will be so easy to stick to (and that will allow the color to last longer and, also, will protect your nail of becoming stained by the colored polish). Admit that you didn’t expect, from the simple action such as the nail polish, to be such a science! I admit, I didn’t :-)
7.    When you’ve allowed the base layer to become fully dry, then you should press your hand firmly on the table surface, in order to proceed to the next step;

8.    And, the following step is to open the bottle of a chosen color polish and remove any extra layers of paint from the brush;
This step is essential, because it is highly important to get just the perfect amount of color nail polish on the brush. In order to achieve this, you should wipe your brush on the inner rim of the bottle to remove any excess of a nail polish, that way you will know that, each time you will get, the approximately, the same amount of a nail polish. Don’t worry; knowing exactly how much polish (will) should be on your brush is a true skill, which is coming with experience and time! You have to be very patient :-)!
9.    Your next step should be to place a drop of paint at the very bottom of your nail and then pull very carefully to the top of the nail;
10.     Then, you should allow for the first layer, of the colored nail polish to dry properly, before applying the second (and eventually, the third) layer;
Almost, every nail polish requires, at least, two layers (some of them, even three). Have in mind that always is better to apply two layers, the thin ones, than one thicker (the final results will be much neater and less inclined to smudge).
11.    The final step, would be to apply a clear top coat and clean up all the mess;
The top clear top layer will prevent the color from chipping and, at the same time, will provide some extra shine for your nails. Once your nails are painted and fully dry, you should clean up any eventual “accidents”, which might have happened during “the painting process”. By saying that, I mean of some unwanted polish around the edges of each of your nails, to be removed, with a high quality nail polish remover.

I am aware this isn’t the simple process at all, but, if it's any consolation, eventually it’s becoming a routine. And, if you desire to have a very trendy polished nails, by which you will be remembered for, this all process shouldn’t be too hard for you! You know what they say: "All for beauty" :-)

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