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Monday, 25 August 2014

Beautiful You... Beautiful Planet

From the very start, let’s clarify a bit, what does the expression organic movement refers to? The phrase broadly refers to the individuals and their companies (or organizations), which are involved worldwide in the promotions of producing healthy and organic food, makeup (all the products in general). It started  becoming a world’s global movement (and trend), somewhere around the first half of the 20th century, the time when modern really wide-ranged agricultural companies began to appear.
     It sounds pretty attractive, don’t you think the same? I believe, that the very vast majority of us (including, of course, me :-)) is, literally, striving to run a healthier lifestyle, speaking in general. Whatever the “running the heather lifestyle” refers to (be it eating healthy or maybe exercising, a bit, more or even buying some organic (natural) products (food or makeup). Let’s face the truth, we all like to think (and to have that awesome feeling), like we have done the best we could, in order to take care of ourselves and the people we love. We love to think that we are something really special, and that we were sent to earth with an exact and precise mission, which skillfully fulfill :-). This recognition, hopefully, didn't kill you? :-P Excellent! :-) Then, I can proceed…
     In the recent decades, the beauty (cosmetic) industry has joined the rapidly growing, global trend, popularly called “ wellness”, simply by producing and selling products labeled like "organic," "natural" and even "chemical-free". To what extent is this really the case, as indicated on the product is the pretty big question. But, what the expression “organic” really means?
    Maybe, it’s gonna sounds hilarious, but the answer to that particular question is very different, and depending on who is asked. If you ask, for example, the chemist the answer would look, approximately, like his: „Organic means any chemical compound that contains carbon”. In the beauty industry (in which we here primarily interested in), the leading cosmetic companies, until nowadays, have failed to reach a unanimous answer, on what exactly the term “organic” refers to (or stands for). Unlike the food industry in which we know exactly what the term “organic” and “natural” stand for, these terms, unfortunately, aren’t regulated for cosmetics (which, basically, means that the leading cosmetic companies, can (and use!!!) these terms pretty freely!!!  A little more caution, when selecting these cosmetic products, won’t hurt! Open your eyes widely, please!
     It isn’t the rare case that some of the famous cosmetic companies even ready to argue about if an ingredient comes from a natural source then its natural (it’s their logic). My personal opinion (which, of course, doesn’t have to be true) that they pretty naive and highly conveniently (deliberately) overlook the very simple fact that they chemically modify it to make it work the way they want it (widely known as a cosmetic trick).
    Frankly speaking, not all the companies are pretending to be "so smart", and they aren't all accustomed to use these "dirty tricks". Believed or not, there are (just) a few companies which actually uphold their own stricter definitions of what's natural and organic means. If you’re buying an organic product, you top priority should be, besides looking on the labels, to visit their websites, in order to see for yourself, what that particular company really means, when using terms like “organic” and “natural” on their product’s labels (always vigilant, right? :-)). There are, actually, more than a couple beauty products, which are USDA Certified (that practically means that they contain, at least, 95% of truly organic ingredients, so, logically, you should search for these certified products.

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