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Friday, 22 August 2014

Beautiful Hair And Nails

Beautiful hair and nails are imperative of our modern society and, in fact, a matter of  basic hygiene. Not to mention that, by the condition of your hair and nails, it can be seen your overall health of the body. One thing here is for sure-absolutely nobody likes to see dry, barren, with some cracked areas (mostly on its ends) and highly damaged hair. That’s not attractive! The same things may be applied, when it comes to your nails. If they are frayed, if they have, on their panels, very visible white marks (look pretty similar as small minuses, it’s a sign that your body sends to you, that it has lack of some essential vitamins-usually the vitamin C), if they tend to break quite easily and also if they tend to list, and if you are bitten them in half (if you, by any chance, biting your nails) – all that, among people, causes disgust (to put it mildly)!!!
If you found yourself, by any chance, to belong among these people, you should read this article till the end, because, you are, definitely, gonna learn some basic, when it comes to the basic care of both-hair &nails!
     How to achieve (and maintain) your hair healthy and shiny?
Simply by following these tips, step-by-step:
1.    It’s of a great importance to properly understand your scalp and hair  (is your scalp oily or dry? Do you have, maybe, a dandruff issue? Opt for a suitable treatment according to your scalp and hair condition);
2.    Eat, properly balanced and healthy nutrition (feel free to use some of the supplements, in order to achieve a full daily dose of all essential substances);
3.    You should opt for shampoo and conditioner, which, both would be picked up according to your hair type&condition;
4.    You should wash your hair regularly (twice per week);
5.    You should always apply your conditioner or mask on your hair, right after your shampoo (if your choice is to apply a conditioner, then you should rinse it out after a few minutes, and if you opt for the mask, you should wear it on your hair, at least 15 minutes (ideal laugh would be for a half an hour);
6.    Then, you should dry your hair (the best way would be to leave the hair to dry naturally (if it’s feasible, if not-use your blow-dryer));
7.    If you absolutely must use your styling tools, it's better to opt for warm instead of hot ones (it prevents your hair from getting dull and damaged);
8.    Another pretty good tip is to tie up (if you have/can :-)) your long hair (before going to your bed), in order to prevent being tangled and unmanageable in the mornings. If you can afford this, opt for satin pillow cases (not only that they prevent your hair to become tangled, they also make the magic work, when it comes to preventing frizziness);
9.    Cut your ends regularly (every six weeks).

All in all, there are some crucial substances (which are essential if we desire to have healthy, strong and shiny hair and nails). These substances (essential vitamins, various minerals, various fibers, some fatty acids…) are needed on a daily basis to keep our body functioning properly.
The list looks like this:
     Some essential vitamins B12, B6 and folic acid;
     Proteins (the excellent source presents chicken, eggs and also the soy products. Tip+ You should opt for a supplement (multivitamins), because the traces of the essential minerals like magnesium, biotin and zinc also have the very strong impact on our hair and nails);
     Some essential fatty acids (especially Omega-3) (they are playing a key role, when it comes to having healthier nails and hair. So, my strong recommendation here would be, to include some of the following exceptional and delicious food, which is very rich in Omega-3 fatty acid, in your everyday diet. The foods, which present a very rich source of Omega-3 fatty acid, are: Tuna, salmon, walnuts, almonds and flaxseed oil. You should choose to eat, at least, one of food (groceries) per day;

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