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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Make it Day to Remember

I suppose, that I’ve been familiar with the fact that certain scents can be a really powerful trigger, which can easily evoke the memories, but I suppose I’ve doubted that theory, or simply didn’t further indulged in thinking about it. However, the relatively recent event, I’ve experienced something quite strange, which convinced of the truth of that theory and made me, in a way, to stop and deeper rethink about it.
I was quite ordinary day, I was sweeping the dust of the shelves in my bedroom. The music, as usual, was on and I was singing! The relevant detail of the story is, that I keep the perfume bottles separated from their boxes, and to wipe them all, I need, at least 15 min. During the wiping, I ran into the bottle of perfume, which was the gift of my ex boyfriend, I received as a gift during our holiday in Egypt. I was very „emotionally involved“ :-) with him, I was, literary, adored him (to be more specific!) and who has hurt me so badly that I am still recovering from that relationship, although, it's been two years, since then.
 Although, I have hundreds of times, wiping the dust from that same bottle, without having enough courage to open and smell it (though, it is still left more than half a bottle, because I was wearing only the very special, of course, shared occasions). I really don’t have a clue what was going on in my head (what I have been thinking of at that specific moment). The most probably, I felt flurry of strange power and enthusiasm and I thought that I  have left this whole situation deep buried in the past), so I opened and sniffed it.
Soon, all of my courage and strength was gone, and I found myself next to him, in that same small private perfumery. The seller was trying to persuade him to buy that bottle of perfume for " a beautiful young lady". The old feeling was flooded all over me, and, I shivered from some very strange, and quite sudden coldness, yet, I’ve experienced all over again the same pain, sorrow and misery, and soon I was very angry at myself, what I have done to myself  and I what was I thinking about when came to my mind to open the God damn bottle!
I believe that there is absolutely no need to point out that the rest of the day I was trying to get back from a shock!!!
But, I have some positive experiences with the fragrances. Not all of them are so sad and bad :-). But, that last one has left on me so strong impression, that I had to share it with you. The good news is, that we can choose, which scent we are gonna bind to a specific event. My strong recommendation is to choose a specific, of course, pleasant moment (maybe the first kiss, the romantic date or a highly interesting picnic), which you want to last forever, and make it a day, which will be worth remembering for, simply by wearing a new „Precious Moments“ Eau De Perfume from the famous Swedish cosmetic house Oriflame. Allow yourself to all of your dreams and the deepest, innermost and subtle wishes to come true.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Your Essentials for Style Success

When it comes to the hair, pretty important tool, is the comb. How much is it really important, perhaps best illustrated by the fact that, even, the worldwide famous hair stylist cut and re-cut the hair of the top models, over and over again, mainly because, they haven’t used the proper comb, in order to get the right tension and line precision. They simply fall into the old habit of opting for the same comb all the time and have accustomed to, always, neglect to take type, color, width and length into consideration. That’s why they “paying the price” (and the miserable models, too :-().
    Regarding us, “the regular mortals” :-), searching the suitable comb or a brush, look like the fishing in murky water, at first glance, a bunch of the same combs/brushes (or maybe, the metaphor, which demonstrates this whole situation much better is: looking for a needle in a haystack). You can opt for more desirable one :-).
 But, you shouldn’t despair, read this article to its end, and, maybe it would serve you as a sort of guide or maybe, after reading it, the things (regarding opting for the right brush/comb :-)) in your head, will be much clearer.
    Firstly, you should keep in mind is that you should comb/brush your hair, on a daily base, and at the right intervals, which means it shouldn’t be too often, neither too less. You shouldn’t go to any extreme- put this way-if you comb your hair too often that certainly will lead to increasing its dryness and, at the same time, making your scalp oilier, on the other hand, if you comb your hair less frequently then it will, eventually, start tangling and that may lead to hair fall and severe breakages. Get the picture? :-P The golden mean, when it comes to combating your hair on a daily basis, would be anything between 3 to 8 times based on the need of the hair.

    Another highly important thing is that the comb/brush, which you use, you shouldn’t share with anyone else in your family (as you don't share your toothbrush, that’s, practically, the same thing). It is understood (at least I hope :-)) that you clean your brush properly and regularly, after each using!  Regularly replacing your brush is also the matter of your basic hygiene. From my, very vast, personal experience, you should avoid, the best you can, the plastic brushes/combs and stick to the wide-wooden-toothed ones. They present an excellent choice of care for both, your hair and your scalp.
    To make a very long story short, I wrote a list, let’s call them, “basis rules”, of which you should follow when buying a proper hair brush/comb, because, it presents the only certain way, that you are gonna opt for the right one:
    You should opt for the brush/comb which is strong and durable, without any sharp endings and which, of course, will be properly sized, according to the size of your hands:
    You should avoid all of the materials (plastic, metal), which can cause static electricity, instead opt for the wooden brushes/combs;
    Before buying the comb/brush, feel free to try it first on your hand, in order to see for yourself if its teeth are too sharp for you. Then try its flexibility (the one, which possesses certain flexibility is much easier to comb with;
    Another very useful tip (based on my personal experience, too :-)), if you have a bit thicker hair (or a lot of), your choice should be to buy a brush/comb with, a bit, wider teeth. And also, the comb/brush. Which has the round ended teeth are much better than the ones with sharper ones:
    In your collection of the hair brushes/combs, at least, one of them should be wide tooth comb/brush, in order to get your wet hair combed with causing the least possible damage;
    And, the last type have, already, stressed out the importance that you keep your comb/brush clean. But, note the following: if you obey me (which I truly hope you do :-)). And buy a natural wooden brush/comb; avoid long time soaking it in water, because you can harm the natural wood. And, by doing so, your brush/comb won’t last long.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Hair Care That Keeps on Giving

If you very similar understandings as I, regarding the „hair phenomena“ :-), that’s terrific! :-) Then, I can, even, skip the introductory part and move straight to the point. Relax, just kidding! :-)
 To me, my hair presents, literary speaking, the most essential part of my whole body & soul. My family, even, teasing me about it, by joking around and questioning me what’s „her“ name. But, I don’t really care, let them be! To be completely honest with you, not only that I am spending (once in 15 days) the whole bloody day by caring and nourishing my hair, but, at the same time, I really adore my long, blond hair. I know how sick, it may sound, but (like I have already said)  I don’t really care :-). So, that’s me :-). Big deal!
I’ve been (luckily, only once) in such an awful position, my hair was so damaged (by the constant heat styling  it (2x a week)), that the only solution was to repaint it in dark (highly depressive) brown and cut it (then, my hair was covering my whole back, and I must cut it to fit the size which barely have covered my neck part). I have been traumatized for a lifetime. With that, let’s call it, „shape“ my hair should stay, at least, the following six months or so. I think, it's highly unnecessary to stress out that these six months have seemed to me as centuries (without any exaggeration) and that was, peerless, the worst period of my whole life. And since then, I am, strictly, taking care of my hair, don’t regret to to set aside, a bit, a larger sum of money, in order to afford myself to buy some top quality and proven cosmetic and I  also dedicate to my hair a bigger part of my spare time and love :-).
So, it’s a really important that you always keep in your mind that your hair is, primarily, consisting of proteins. It includes three basic layers: the medulla, cortex, and the cuticle. Damn your hair can be caused by combinations of the several factors (the most common combination includes excessive heat styling (as a permanent, and the most frequent, factor) in the several of combinations).
But, why is that happening, in the first place? Primarily, it has been characterized by open cuticles and broken protein bonds in the hair. Physically observed, damaged hair is rough, dull and highly brittle to the touch (to be specific, it looks like a straw), and very prone to split ends.
So, this was my attempt (more like a challenge :-)) to try to write „a small“ introductory part (you may judge yourself, in which, exact the extent, I was really successful :-P)!
My point was that you pull out the some point of my sincere confession :-) and to never let yourself,  „that kind of luxury“, to find in, even, a similar, highly stressful situation. If you what to avoid this terrible episode, check out my list (below) of DON’T’s :-):
    Exaggeration in a Heat Styling (that includes a hair style tools like: Hair dryers, Curling irons, Hot rollers and Flat irons);
    Constant Painting Your Hair with Harmful Chemicals (in this group falls: Bleach, Perms, various Strengtheners and Relaxers);
    You Should Avoid the Harsh Weather Conditions (strong and cold wind during the harsh winter time, and, also during the summer heats, you should avoid standing out in the strong and harsh sun rays);
    Friction Damages Hair the Most Frequently (out of all the factors discussed above, friction, definitely, has the most devastating impact on the general health of your hair (by frequent daily combing (simply by using the appropriate comb) and night, while we are sleeping (actually, the constant rubbing of the hair against a surface (pillow) leads to damaging and breaking it));

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Nature’s Effective Detox Routine

Dear my ladies, it’s high time to be completely honest to each other :-). So, in order to be the first one, who is gonna, in a way, „break the ice“, I will ask you to answer to just one, very simple question (but, you should be completely honest in answering it, for your own sake, not for mine :-)). Have you ever found yourself being totally wasted (of the alcohol, of course), that’s you couldn’t remember, in the following morning, absolutely anything from the previous night? Instead the memory, of a particular event, stands just a big,  pretty blurry image (in other words, said: the big black hole instead of the actual memory from that wild night)?
To be completely honest, I had these „blackouts“ just a couple of times in my 27 years, and I can tell you that those troubles (such as unbearably severe headaches and severe nausea in my entire stomach (or even worse, the strong acid, depending on what I've been drinking the night before)), I wouldn’t wish for even, the worst enemy. It makes me sick, even from the memories of that state. In case you don’t know from your own personal experience (which I doubt :-P. Again, you have not been honest with yourself: -P: -)), it is such a horrible feeling that you, literally, think that you are gonna fall apart from fatigue, unbearable pains and  exhaustion you feel in every single muscle in your whole body. To put it simply- creepy feeling!
In these (rare :-P) cases, I needed a complete detoxification for both, for my soul: -), and for my body. My face skin was so dry and dull, my pores were so widely open and full of dirt, my hair was in the most terrible condition, it smelled of smoke, it was also completely matted and so lifeless, that I came, from misery, to start crying. I was completely devastated. I was so shocked by the sight, which I saw in the mirror, that I’ve totally forgotten on acid in the gizzard and my head was immediately stopped to pain. "I have to put myself in order, at once!", were the first thoughts that went through my head. So, I started with fixing myself...
The very first thing, which I did, was to take a long bath. I used, as always, some really awesome and highly effective skin & hair care products from the famous Swedish cosmetic house- Oriflame (I love to call the set of these products- „The First Aid Kid“ :-) I used, one of my all-time favorites, called:  Swedish Spa Stimulating Shower Gel  and have massaged my entire body by using  Swedish Spa Exfoliating Massage Bar“. By instant, I felt much better and utterly refreshed. Right after I dried myself with a gently towel (only by tapping my skin), I applied „ Swedish Spa Anti-cellulite Cream“ and I was very pleased by the very first result. My entire body skin was refreshed with, very subtle, high glow traces. The shower gel left it much softer and milder. I was feeling great!
Then, I moved on my hair. After shampooing it (twice actually, it was so dirty and smelly!), I applied, one of my favorite masks and leave it on my hair for the next 20 minutes. After doing that, I was free to completely devote all my spare time, to my face skin. Firstly, I used „Swedish Spa Smoothing Face Scrub“, in order to get rid all of the dirt, which has been stuck in my pores. Then, I moved on and I applied „Swedish Spa Purifying Face Mask“, in order to additionally feed and strengthen my facial skin with an extra nutrients, which comes directly from nature. After rinsing it out, I put on a really potent and highly efficient moisturizing serum, and immediately after that, the rejuvenation daily cream on, a bit, thicker layer. I was so thrilled and pleased with the results, that I promised to myself that, I will never allow myself to, once again, find myself in such a terrible situation and shape (and I'm not, at least, until the next time; -))!!!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Luxury You Can Enjoy Every Single Day

We are all the witnesses, that the shelves of the local cosmetic companies are, literally, flooded with the products, which are composed of a combination of milk and honey. The main reason for that isn’t lying, only, on their seductive and highly pleasant scent, but, mostly, because this blend presents very healthy and natural source of the most various substances, which are so good for our skin in general. In order to fully understand „ the huge popularity“ of this mighty mix, we’re gonna scrutinize them as a two separate ingredient-milk&honey :-)
Firstly, let’s discuss, a bit, about the milk...
When we say „milk“, we mean of raw cow (or even a goat) milk. Raw milk is natural and unmodified by any chemicals (unlike the milk you can buy at your local grocery store). The expression “sterilized”, refers to the milk with added some additional dose of protein and lactose (this allows to the milk companies to increase their profit by selling twice bigger amounts). This “product” is called permeate and actually by consuming it, you may harm your general health (so, you should stop drinking that shit and change over to a raw milk).
Raw milk contains very essential vitamins, such as: Vitamin A, B and C and also it is filled with the most various healthy nutrients, which our organism presents a truly daily necessity, in order to operate properly. But, these powerful benefits of raw milk, don’t only come from drinking it. Pretty the same influence comes from cosmetic (which, of course, in its composition, containing a higher percentage of raw milk). When we apply lotions, facial creams or even the makeup, which consists the raw milk as an ingredient, all the vitamins will be soaked directly (almost by instant) into our skin complexion and are gonna be released into our bloodstream. That’s why it became a highly important ingredient, in the cosmetics products, these days.
Regarding the honey…
Honey has always considered to be a 100% natural source of antioxidant and anti-microbial, and because of that feature, has used as a natural remedy. It has a really great ability to absorb and retain moisture, because of that has been, for a really long time, recognized and used extensively in the most various skin care treatments (especially when it comes to protecting our skin from the harsh sun rays and to rejuvenate wrinkled and depleted skin).
Bee honey, in fact, presents quite an interesting blend of the most essential substances (a truly “healthy bomb” :-)), for which, our whole organism, literally, longs. The mixture includes some: really potent proteins, vital aminoacids, powerful carbohydrates, various vitamins (like: B2, B4, B5, B6, B11 and Vitamin C)  and minerals (such as: calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, selenium, chromium and manganeseare). In the group of the mighty antioxidants fall: the representative of the largest group certainly is flavonoids, of which, pinocembrin is unique to honey and bee propolis, honey also has numerous acids (like: acetic, butanoic, formic, citric, succinic, lactic, gluconic…) and enzymes (including: glucose oxidase, catalase, invertase and acid phosphorylase), but, as an awesome addition to all this, honey contains eighteen free amino acids and many, many more useful compounds.
Here is highly important to point out that bee’s honey is free of cholesterol. Bees produce honey, as we all know, simply by collecting sugar-rich juicy nectar from various flowers, which, to be exact, is just a clear liquid consisting of nearly 80% water and complex of sugars.
Both honey and beeswax are used, in the very wide range, in the beauty industry, as a vital ingredient in all kinds of the skin moisturized, as a very gentle softener and as a balm, in order to heal the skin tissue, which is injured or severely damaged.
The latest medical experiments, researches and studies on honey, have shown that honey has some pretty phenomenal properties, such as: very powerful antiseptic, antimicrobial, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, antiallergent, antitoxic, sedative, antianemic, antioxidant, healing and cleansing properties (both, external and internal), moisturizing and blood-purifying. It also promotes dehydration, highly stimulates the entire body’s immunity and it is easily digestible.
Knowing all this, we shouldn't be so surprised for its, really wide range of usage in the cosmetic industries worldwide.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Beautiful You... Beautiful Planet

From the very start, let’s clarify a bit, what does the expression organic movement refers to? The phrase broadly refers to the individuals and their companies (or organizations), which are involved worldwide in the promotions of producing healthy and organic food, makeup (all the products in general). It started  becoming a world’s global movement (and trend), somewhere around the first half of the 20th century, the time when modern really wide-ranged agricultural companies began to appear.
     It sounds pretty attractive, don’t you think the same? I believe, that the very vast majority of us (including, of course, me :-)) is, literally, striving to run a healthier lifestyle, speaking in general. Whatever the “running the heather lifestyle” refers to (be it eating healthy or maybe exercising, a bit, more or even buying some organic (natural) products (food or makeup). Let’s face the truth, we all like to think (and to have that awesome feeling), like we have done the best we could, in order to take care of ourselves and the people we love. We love to think that we are something really special, and that we were sent to earth with an exact and precise mission, which skillfully fulfill :-). This recognition, hopefully, didn't kill you? :-P Excellent! :-) Then, I can proceed…
     In the recent decades, the beauty (cosmetic) industry has joined the rapidly growing, global trend, popularly called “ wellness”, simply by producing and selling products labeled like "organic," "natural" and even "chemical-free". To what extent is this really the case, as indicated on the product is the pretty big question. But, what the expression “organic” really means?
    Maybe, it’s gonna sounds hilarious, but the answer to that particular question is very different, and depending on who is asked. If you ask, for example, the chemist the answer would look, approximately, like his: „Organic means any chemical compound that contains carbon”. In the beauty industry (in which we here primarily interested in), the leading cosmetic companies, until nowadays, have failed to reach a unanimous answer, on what exactly the term “organic” refers to (or stands for). Unlike the food industry in which we know exactly what the term “organic” and “natural” stand for, these terms, unfortunately, aren’t regulated for cosmetics (which, basically, means that the leading cosmetic companies, can (and use!!!) these terms pretty freely!!!  A little more caution, when selecting these cosmetic products, won’t hurt! Open your eyes widely, please!
     It isn’t the rare case that some of the famous cosmetic companies even ready to argue about if an ingredient comes from a natural source then its natural (it’s their logic). My personal opinion (which, of course, doesn’t have to be true) that they pretty naive and highly conveniently (deliberately) overlook the very simple fact that they chemically modify it to make it work the way they want it (widely known as a cosmetic trick).
    Frankly speaking, not all the companies are pretending to be "so smart", and they aren't all accustomed to use these "dirty tricks". Believed or not, there are (just) a few companies which actually uphold their own stricter definitions of what's natural and organic means. If you’re buying an organic product, you top priority should be, besides looking on the labels, to visit their websites, in order to see for yourself, what that particular company really means, when using terms like “organic” and “natural” on their product’s labels (always vigilant, right? :-)). There are, actually, more than a couple beauty products, which are USDA Certified (that practically means that they contain, at least, 95% of truly organic ingredients, so, logically, you should search for these certified products.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Showering Bliss that Lasts and Lasts...

The new jumbo collection (750 ml!) of fruity showering gels and creams, called „Nature Secrets“ from the worldwide famous Swedish cosmetic house Oriflame, is absolutely stunning and presents an offer that is rarely being rejected in life. The reasons are numerous.
Let’s take, for example, their brand new shower gel. It has been made of highly interesting and very bold blend of the juicy and sweet watermelon and pretty moisturizing and healthy Aloe Vera. About Aloe Vera, I’ve been already written about. But, now is just the right time (and place :-)) to stress out, some of highly interesting facts, which are related to the watermelon.
 In the previous article, we have dealt with all kinds of fruits, which present, nowadays, a vital ingredient in very vast range of the beauty products. Their high nutritional, vitamin and mineralogical properties, served as a guiding principle in the cosmetic industry. It turned out that it was one of the better ideas, because its all healthy and healing properties, which the fruit possesses, when have been taken as a food, are very similar to the ones, (of course, when used properly, and in some larger doses), which have been used in the manufacture of skin care line. If we did upon sufficiently :-), it is high time to move to healthful properties of watermelon.
Watermelon actually presents 92% of pure water, and the rest 8%, are filled with good nutrition ingredients and numerous amazing health benefits, no wonder it is considered to be a real powerfruit! :-)
Watermelon Heath Benefits are pretty numerous, I will point out, just a few, which I considerate to be the most relevant ones. Here they are:
    Watermelon is highly alkaline forming in our whole body (that’s of a really great importance, when it comes to achieving the proper balance of the body);
    Watermelon is the sacrosanct lycopene (red pigment, which has awesome antioxidant properties) leader among all fresh fruits and vegetables;
    Watermelon is believed to be very powerful diuretic and has, pretty often, been used in the most various homeopathic treatments;
    Watermelon is believed to be an excellent source of potassium, as well (for that property, is really of a vital help, when it comes to properly fascinating of our brain (nerve) system and muscular system. It’s proven that watermelon has that “special power” to ease, in a way, some very severe inflammations);
    Watermelon may have a certain Viagra-like effect (or, at least, so claim the scientists in Texas, let’s believe them on a word :-));
    Watermelon possesses a certificate, which claims that specific fruit is good for the heart.

     Let’s admit that these health benefits (which I have pointed out as the most relevant ones) are pretty extraordinary! However, the watermelon has some extraordinary and pretty unexpected nutrition facts (again, the list of this mighty nutrition facts is so long, so, again, I was forced to pick up just a few, in my opinion, the most essential ones). The list looks like this:
    Watermelon presents an excellent source of Vitamins C and E (and has a pretty small trace of a Vitamin B and K, as well as the pantothenic acid);
    Watermelon presents a pretty decent source of potassium and magnesium;
    However, watermelon possesses a lot of trace amounts of some very important minerals (like: selenium, iron, manganese and zinc);
    Watermelon is considered to give 5% of our body daily fiber needs;
    It has only 45 Cal (per slice), so it is believed to be an ideal diet food, which, at the same time, has a high amounts of energy;
    Watermelon is considered to be non-fat fruit, because in one slice of this mighty fruit, there is only.23 grams of fat!
     So, if these amazing healthy properties and effects on our general health, at least half of these effects (if not more) the watermelon provides, as an ingredient of many cosmetic products, then we shouldn’t be so surprised for its high popularity. There isn’t any space for the question and doubt, like: Why these beauty products (which contain the watermelon in some larger amounts) in” a speed of light “time are disappearing from the shelves in the cosmetic stores worldwide? The answer is, I hope, is more than obvious!
Certainly, for achieving such a high popularity isn't enough watermelon’s sweet, refreshing and summer scent, but, there, definitely, must be something more. It’s all up to you to find out what exactly :-)!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Leave Nothing but Beauty Behind!

Even the sparrows on a branch (:-)) know that key of the flawless beauty of our face, pretty equal lies, on the usage of the high quality makeup, which we are applying to our face, but also about the usage a top the quality of makeup remover which we are using when we want to remove our makeup from the face. The crucial „rule“ is to NEVER, BUT NEVER, lying down to sleep with a full makeup on our face! Not only that presents no 1 cause of the blemishes, but it wasn’t pretty to look at, either. For example, my sister, who has a very bad tendency to lie down in sleep, under full makeup, even though she’s at only 22 years old, when she wakes up, looks more like an old lady who has over 60 (aside from the fact it is very unhygienic, ugly and that’s not appropriate behavior for a young, promising medicine college girl!
    Although, the today’s global drugstores are, literally, stuffed with the most various brands of makeup removers, it’s very hard to choose the right one, which are gonna be suitable for your skin complexion and which, of course, will be doing the proper job. By saying that, I don’t mean only the basic stuff (like: removing out all the makeup from your face), but also, along with the makeup, which are will remove all of the natural oils and dirt out of your pores, and which will leave nothing but the true beauty behind :-).
In case that you have a sensitive skin (it’s not that hard to figure it out. If you get irritated (you skin itches or even erupts in a rash) from everyday skin care products, for example, the soap, you should opt for some products of, a bit, milder formulas (nowadays, luckily, there are even the whole lines of the products, which are especially designed and intend only to the sensitive skin). When it comes to choosing the appropriate makeup remover, which will be suitable for sensitive skin complexion, the best solution here would be to opt for the ones that are gonna dissolve makeup and dig out dirt, oil and microbes out of your pores, and, at the same time, which be very easy to rinsing off.
    Generally speaking, when you choose between the regular makeup remover and the waterproof makeup remover, although the second ones tend to be more expensive (but, they are much better quality, too), you should always opt for them. They are much more effective, and, at the same time, are much more gentle to your entire skin complexion. Most of them have the awesome ability to pretty quickly lift away long-wearing eye and lip makeup, even without tugging. Their highly gentle formula has tugged-free, non-irritating, and non-stinging.
But, the best of all, is the fact that the vast majority of makeup removers are being ophthalmologist tested and announce appropriate for contact lens wearers and are suitable for all skin types. It’s formulated without any parabens, phthalates nor sulfates. They are always leaving your skin feeling soft and luxuriously comfortable.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Beautiful Hair And Nails

Beautiful hair and nails are imperative of our modern society and, in fact, a matter of  basic hygiene. Not to mention that, by the condition of your hair and nails, it can be seen your overall health of the body. One thing here is for sure-absolutely nobody likes to see dry, barren, with some cracked areas (mostly on its ends) and highly damaged hair. That’s not attractive! The same things may be applied, when it comes to your nails. If they are frayed, if they have, on their panels, very visible white marks (look pretty similar as small minuses, it’s a sign that your body sends to you, that it has lack of some essential vitamins-usually the vitamin C), if they tend to break quite easily and also if they tend to list, and if you are bitten them in half (if you, by any chance, biting your nails) – all that, among people, causes disgust (to put it mildly)!!!
If you found yourself, by any chance, to belong among these people, you should read this article till the end, because, you are, definitely, gonna learn some basic, when it comes to the basic care of both-hair &nails!
     How to achieve (and maintain) your hair healthy and shiny?
Simply by following these tips, step-by-step:
1.    It’s of a great importance to properly understand your scalp and hair  (is your scalp oily or dry? Do you have, maybe, a dandruff issue? Opt for a suitable treatment according to your scalp and hair condition);
2.    Eat, properly balanced and healthy nutrition (feel free to use some of the supplements, in order to achieve a full daily dose of all essential substances);
3.    You should opt for shampoo and conditioner, which, both would be picked up according to your hair type&condition;
4.    You should wash your hair regularly (twice per week);
5.    You should always apply your conditioner or mask on your hair, right after your shampoo (if your choice is to apply a conditioner, then you should rinse it out after a few minutes, and if you opt for the mask, you should wear it on your hair, at least 15 minutes (ideal laugh would be for a half an hour);
6.    Then, you should dry your hair (the best way would be to leave the hair to dry naturally (if it’s feasible, if not-use your blow-dryer));
7.    If you absolutely must use your styling tools, it's better to opt for warm instead of hot ones (it prevents your hair from getting dull and damaged);
8.    Another pretty good tip is to tie up (if you have/can :-)) your long hair (before going to your bed), in order to prevent being tangled and unmanageable in the mornings. If you can afford this, opt for satin pillow cases (not only that they prevent your hair to become tangled, they also make the magic work, when it comes to preventing frizziness);
9.    Cut your ends regularly (every six weeks).

All in all, there are some crucial substances (which are essential if we desire to have healthy, strong and shiny hair and nails). These substances (essential vitamins, various minerals, various fibers, some fatty acids…) are needed on a daily basis to keep our body functioning properly.
The list looks like this:
     Some essential vitamins B12, B6 and folic acid;
     Proteins (the excellent source presents chicken, eggs and also the soy products. Tip+ You should opt for a supplement (multivitamins), because the traces of the essential minerals like magnesium, biotin and zinc also have the very strong impact on our hair and nails);
     Some essential fatty acids (especially Omega-3) (they are playing a key role, when it comes to having healthier nails and hair. So, my strong recommendation here would be, to include some of the following exceptional and delicious food, which is very rich in Omega-3 fatty acid, in your everyday diet. The foods, which present a very rich source of Omega-3 fatty acid, are: Tuna, salmon, walnuts, almonds and flaxseed oil. You should choose to eat, at least, one of food (groceries) per day;

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Powerful Protection With A Gentle Touch

There’s absolutely nothing better (of which I can, currently, think of :-)), than spending the whole late summer morning, simply by wandering through the local market and picking up, one of the freshest summer fruits and vegetables that you are gonna use in preparation of the following colorful, healthy and utterly delicious meal. Definitely, in these groceries, there is something magical. Not only they are very healthy and present an excellent source of all the essential substances, but, they are considered to have some additional, extraordinary impact on our skin, too.

That’s the way they are vital ingredients in almost every skin care product you can even imagine, (ranged from all kinds of pretty effective eye creams to some of the best facial masks, shower gels, luxurious skin creams, sunscreens, sops and in a very wide range of the fragrances, perfumes and deodorants). I simply don’t want to forget to mention, that fruits and vegetables (mainly combined) present a vital ingredient of, almost, every anti-aging treatments and highly effect day or night creams. The latest science research results show that certain (mainly citrus) fruits contain natural really high level of antioxidants and antimicrobials, and are therefore, they do truly miracles, when it comes to anti-aging and also possess highly protective properties. The aromatherapy aspect presents just a big bonus.

Since the Cleopatra time, the fruits are used (predominately pomegranate), mainly, as a fragrance. Thus, the very Cleopatra, without knowing that pomegranate juice can improve the overall appearance of her pretty ugly and deep wrinkled skin (simply by reducing inflammation and preventing any eventual further damages), use it as a fragrance. Highly interesting data, don’t you think the same?
Nowadays, everybody is familiar with the fact, that the health benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables are so numerous. So, we shouldn’t be so surprised that the same (or even similar intensity) effects are being expected from fruits and vegetables, which are used in cosmetics. This time, our expectations are fully justified and legitimate. Every single day, there are more and more scientific evidences which show that if fruits and vegetables are 100% natural (organic cultivated and without any traces of GMO), fresh and not sprayed, they both present an excellent source of all nutrients, which our body needs, and that they can be administered orally (through food) or externally (through the use of the most various skin care beauty products). The effect would be pretty similar.

          The bare truth is, that they both (fruits and vegetables), are full of some pretty awesome ingredients, such as: bunch of an exceptional antioxidants and highly valuable vitamins, all kinds of the minerals, and nutrients like vitamin A, B, C, D and E, enzyme Q 10, selenium, carotenoids,  phytonutrients, potassium, zing and many, many more!!!
          So, if that ever happens in your life that you find yourself faced with a dilemma, for which the product is to opt for, read the list of ingredients on the back side of the pack (don’t be lazy: -)), and opt for the products, which contains fruit. Not only will your bathroom smell on some exotic fruits (mango or papaya, for example), but your skin will shine in its full glory; will be refreshed, strengthened and rejuvenated. If you found this article inspiring (and, I hope, sincerely that’ll be the case :-)), hurry to the nearest cosmetic shop and afford yourself pretty delicious and utterly pleasure for all the senses.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Intensely Cleanse With Aloe Vera

You may hear people, pretty often, saying that all that is good comes from the nature! This the case with Aloe Vera. It’s a worldwide famous plant, mainly because, it has some pretty outstanding healthy properties. It is also very commonly used as an ingredient in a very vast range of the most various skin care products (in general, it is used in the whole cosmetic industry). Let’s find out a little bit more of this highly efficient and very useful herb.
    The Aloe Vera is a perennial, succulent herb, which leaves are very fleshy. It originally comes from the North Africa, but today, we could find it almost everywhere (it grows throughout entire Europe, South America, even, in some of the Middle East countries and Australia). It is a truly marvelous herb, which presents a really rich source of many chemicals (that's why it plays so vital role in the medical purposes). Very detailed chemical analysis of the Aloe Vera, has shown that it is full of the most various biologically active substances (such as minerals, various enzymes, vital vitamins, some essential sugars, some phenolic compounds, amino acids and salicylic acid and many, many more).
It is widely used in alternative medicine, firstly as a home first aid (it has some pretty awesome properties, like: wound healing and antiviral properties, burn recovery properties, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, moisturizing properties… etc.). We have, already, mentioned that Aloe Vera is used as a crucial ingredient in a very vast range of the beauty products (it is present in: various shampoos, body lotions and wash gels, in the various face masks and cleansers, soothing night and day creams, in the various sunscreen lotions and creams etc.). 
     As the global market is literary, flooded, with so many cosmetic products, often is pretty much difficult to opt for the right one. We all very well know that the leading manufacturers of make-up and cosmetic products, praise about their products, and saying that their cosmetic products are made of the top quality and fully natural ingredients, which are suitable for every skin complexion and that each woman should possess it. My strong recommendation here, for all the ladies around the world, is-when you’re choosing a cosmetic product (or a brand), you shouldn’t allow to be persuaded by the commercials (or of an intrusive and annoying seller), it is of a vital importance to read the ingredients list, in order to see for yourself, what exactly benefits your skin (and body) can expect to get from using this particular cosmetic product!
    And, to conclude, the Aloe Vera has just two key beauty benefits:
1.    Detoxifies your whole body (as being a natural detoxifying agent, it helps your body to get rid of some pretty harmful chemicals and hazardous toxins. It also raises the level of your immune system, that your organism can with enough efficiently, to fight off all the infections and to kill harmful bacteria);
2.    Pretty strong anti-aging effect (If you desire to have flawless and young looking skin, there isn’t absolutely nothing better, than the Aloe Vera enriched cosmetic products. One of the main features of this mighty herb is to possess a natural “power” to prevent premature aging and it to keep your skin, for much longer, looking young, refreshed and truly gorgeous. It does that, simply by penetrating through very deep layers of skin, in order to fully hydrate it (that’s why is so used in moisturizing products). When used as an astringent, the Aloe Vera keeps the skin so tight and hence, and, at the same time, prevents the development of fine lines and deep wrinkles. By regularly using products, which are enriched with Aloe Vera, you can be assured that your skin will look absolutely stunning, refreshed, rejuvenated, flawless, smoother and much softer).

Of course, apart from these two crucial beauty benefits, Aloe Vera is excellent, generally speaking, for your overall health.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Get the CHIC LOOK That Lasts!

I hoped that we have agreed in the previous article, that the lipstick, nowadays, presents absolutely necessary accessory for every woman. Especially, the ones, whose vibrant color lasts for “centuries” (according to the most recent researches, the color of the new Oriflame’s lipstick “The One Color Unlimited Lipstick”can last, surprisingly, even 10 hours! Wow! That “rule” is equally valid when it comes to a lip balm. Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be! Maybe, you aren’t familiar with the existence of the lip balm, which has only a hint of color. Yes, there is such a thing :-). Firstly, let’s say something related to lip balm.
    We like to use lip balm almost every day, especially in winter time, when we desire to soothe our lips and protect them from becoming dry and cracked. But, then, some of the lip balms, instead of solving this problem out, they actually caused it! So, you should pay an addition attention when you are picking up a lip balm (stick to the brands, which are proven!). If you use a lip balm, which isn’t proper concerned (even worse, if you are addicted to a such product), there are tiny chance that you might get ill from cancer (there are the rumors that the cancer can be caused by the agents or acids in your lip balm, but it stayed just a rumor, it isn’t scientifically proven-so, actually, there isn’t anything to worry about). In fact, the worst side effect of overuse of your lip balm, which has occurred in my mind, is actually an increase in lip chapping! (???) To clarify a bit… There some ingredients, which contain almost every lip balm, which may lead to a tendency to use that specific lip balm more frequently, only by prolonging the chapped effects. Obviously, you should avoid such a product (actually try to avoid all the lip balms, which contain ingredients such as salicylic acid, phenol or menthol). Instead, you should stick to the ones that contain petroleum, because petroleum will keep your lips properly moisture and that will prevent, in the future time, the chapping or perpetuating it. You should also avoid the scented (or flavored) lip balms and stick to the natural ones.
    When it comes to lipstick, in this particular article, we will be dealing with the best suitable ones, according to your skin tone. Sounds fun? :-) Read on…   If your skin tone is super pale (like mine :-))
You should stick to: The makeup artists, here, agree in assessing, that the best solution is to go with nude tones (such as peachy lipsticks and also nude colored glosses). For the ones, who possess enough courage (like me :-)), they should try true red lipstick, in order to achieve the major impact!
You should avoid: Very dark chocolate or burgundy shades, which are too contrasting in comparison to your pale skin.
  If your skin tone is super dark (you lucky girl!)

You should stick to: Coral or even orange shades are the ideal for a bit fun look (of course, with additional (large) amount of the high gloss), if you want (I bet you do :-)) to achieve that anyone, who will be in the same room with you, to drop dead of jealousy :-)!
You should avoid: You should stay away from chalky colors (which contains with a lot of white in them), they are too contrasting in comparison to your dark skin.
   If you have, by any chance, olive toned skin (if you are a Greek or Italian)

You should stick to: Pretty much every color will look excellent on your lips. But, in order to achieve a gorgeous and stunning look, you should try to inflict the divine and trendy coral lipstick.

You should avoid: There are only two colors which you should avoid: purple and dark brown. The first one will give an extra accent to the yellow undertones in your skin and that will provide a sallow look. And, the second one will look, on your skin tone, too monochromatic and highly boring :-)!  If your skin tone has a bit yellow undertones

You should stick to: Blue-based reds present an ideal solution, if you really desire to dress up. You should also try some bronze shades, if you want to achieve a bit monochromatic look.
You should avoid: Again, stay far away from the purple shades, it will give an extra accent to the yellow undertones in your skin and that will provide a really sick look (and that isn’t attractive at all!)
  If your skin tone has a trace of pink undertones

You should stick to: Peach tones will be ideal for a bit softer and milder look and brick red will be ideal, if your primary goal is to achieve a classic pin-up girl look.

You should avoid: Blue-based reds will clash with your skin tone (and that won’t be, you just have to agree here with me, so pretty sight).

I hope that I was of some help :-) and I don’t have any doubts, at all, that you will pick up the best possible color, which will be suitable with your skin tone. Just, remember to stick to the trusted brands, which Oriflame certainly is!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Gentle & Fresh, The Way It Should Be

Ladies, this article is devoted to you. As you have a custom (more suitable expression here would be- the addiction :-)) to buy a tone of the most various beauty products (not to mention the clothes :-)), which are never gonna use (let’s face it!), you should equally pay attention to your intimate (general) health as well as, your intimate skin area. Although, the very vast majority of women worldwide usually forget, the vaginal area is also skin! Do you even aware of the fact that our vaginal area can also change with ages, as well as the rest of our skin do? The most probably you didn’t even think about it!  The skin around our vaginal area is even more sensitive and so delicate and also has more sweat glands than anywhere else. So, it needs products, which are going to be specially designed and intended for all, highly unique and top quality features, such as a very specific pH range (which is of really vital importance, in order to our body, naturally and on its own, is able to protect our vaginal area). Intimate skin is so similar to highly sensitive (body) skin, so the ingredients (which are used to cleanse (or care) for the vaginal area), in the products must be very carefully, prudently and specially formulated to be gentle, but yet highly effective.
    We, in Oriflame, are pretty much aware of, above listed, facts, so, we created (of course, with the constant assistance and cooperation, of our scientists and gynecologists) brand new line of cosmetic products (of a really vast range), especially intended for the care of the woman’s intimate area, called “Feminelle”. Let me to “fill you in” with further, more detailed, information :-).
    Daily care products are especially imagined and designed, in order to help you to clean, maintain and protect, in the best possible way, your delicate vaginal area. So, if you use a specially formulated eye cream to apply to the skin around your eyes (I bet, you do!!!), well you should use specially formulated wash gel/wipes/deodorant/mouse and cleansing gel, for the care of your vaginal area. That should also be part of your daily skin routine (it is also (vital :-P) part of your skin/body/organism (call it as you wish, just start to pay attention to this!)). Really, it’s the high time (in case you didn’t have practice) to take a special care for you’re the most intimate part of the body!
    The usual, let’s call them, “activities” :-), of this particular area (like “a period” each month, having sexual intercourse or even menopause) can disarrange your very delicate vaginal balance. It has been clinically proven that the regular usage of Refreshing or Smoothing Intimate Wash Gel from Oriflame, can help you to maintain a healthy pH balance, in order to, additionally, fortify natural defenses of this region. You should use it on a daily basis, without being afraid that this regular usage will cause any side effects. Generally speaking, the proper balanced pH level is truly of the vital importance, when it comes to our reproductive health.
    The products, which are intended for an intimate skin care of every single woman, should be (generally speaking):
1.    Gynecologist tested and approved;
2.    Specially intended for a highly sensitive and delicate skin;
3.    Hypoallergenic tested and approved;
4.    Fragrance free (or with a very light and fresh scent);
5.    Proper pH balanced;
6.    Tasteless and non-staining;
7.    Without any hormones;
8.    To be water based, which won’t harm condoms;
9.    Optionally, to be enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E;
10.     100% Talc-free and
11.     To be safe and gentle for everyday use.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Pay Less For Quality Tooth Care!

Nowadays, the markets are literally flooded with the most various types of the toothpastes. They are able to solve any kinds of problem, which are, of course, is related to your teeth. The vast majority of leading companies, of the brand toothpastes, has released on the global markets, so called, „all in one“ toothpaste. This truly remarkable toothpaste contains the blend of really important agents, in order to reduce tartar formation, improve the general health of your teeth and to prevent, an eventual appearance, of a dental caries. It’s of a great importance to stress out that these „all in one“ toothpastes (respectively their formulas) have been „clinically proven“ by seeking relevant information from the people, who have already been using these toothpastes and with health personnel (mainly, dentists and pharmacists), which have a really vast expertise in the field.
    Toothpastes come in paste, gel or even in the powder forms (?!). Despite being too many types of toothpastes, they have some common ingredients:
  •     Strong abrasive agents;
  •    Some kinds of the artifical sweeteners (they are added to toothpastes, in order to make them taste better);
  •  Various humectants for moisture retention (some of the pastes often contain glycerol, which prevents the toothpastes from drying out);
  •   Some small amounts of detergents (like sodium lauryl sulfate);
  •   And, the last on my list are- some agents that add a certain small dose of thickness to the toothpaste and help it to maintain its proper texture.

But, the ingredient, which is the most frequently used, certainly is fluoride. And, this article will be devoted to some great benefits, which fluoride offers, but, also to (a few) possible side effects (which mainly refers to small children).
So, here we go :-). I really don’t know if you are aware of the fact that fluoride toothpastes make up more than 95% of all toothpastes, which are sold. Pretty impressive figure, isn’t it? The most recent investigation of the effectiveness of adding fluoride to toothpaste have shown that the fluoride compounds and their combinations (such as: sodium, amine and stannous fluoride) are really effective, when it comes to fighting against dental cavity.
    When it comes to the exact amount of fluoride contained in fluoride in average toothpaste, that data should stand on the toothpaste tube. Sometimes, it may happen (but, it’s pretty rare) that this particular information may be hard to notice. You should look up under the label “active ingredient” on a toothpaste tube. It should be there. The most efficient method, of informing people how much fluoride contains each tube of a toothpaste, is to give the "parts per million" fluoride (shown as: ppm F; Most toothpastes contain around 1,000-1,500 ppm F).
    When it comes to the usage fluoride toothpaste by children, feel free to let them use fluoride enriched toothpaste, twice per day to wash their teeth, fluoride can, even, be good for their young teeth (note following: a pea size amount of fluoride toothpaste is more than enough for their age). Overdosing with fluoride (which isn’t that rare, as you may think) is coming, when the child swallows a sizable amount of toothpaste and that could lead to a very serious health condition, widely known as enamel fluorosis.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Daily Foot Care Everyone Can Afford!

This time of the year is absolutely ideal for preparing your foot for the following vocation. Everything else is already been prepared (your suitcases are packed, your plane tickets are ready, your booked flights are confirmed and your holiday is about to start). The excitement, about the upcoming holiday, is feeling even in the air :-). And, it has just rested enough time to properly prepare your foot for the beach. You just don’t want anything to spoil your very detailed planned holiday. And, cracked heels and ingrown nails might be the reason for you to feel very uncomfortable and highly unsecure in your own skin!
Please, imagine the following scenario: you are lying on the sandy beach, looking as the top model from the world-renowned fashion magazines. Everything is in its place, you’ve led, finally, your line to its perfection, you’re wearing  just the perfect swimsuit (which you've always desired to wear), you hear the waves of the warm and blue sea, you’re noticing the looks from the passersby and you enjoy the attention, which you provoke (you’re thinking that men admire your looks, and women to envy you for the same reason), but by their disgusted expressions, you realize you're wrong! You're wondering in what, specific they're looking in and you realize that they staring at your cracked heels and ingrown feet. That’s pretty embarrassing; the worst thing is that you totally forgot about your foot. And now, you’re blushing, you feel so ashamed. All of a sudden your confidence has fallen to zero.
In vain were all your efforts: thoroughly and very neatly shaved legs and bikini zone, fake tan, irresistibly soft and delicate skin of your body, your health and high shiny hair, your proper nourished hands... simply, a cracked heel or ingrown toenail is enough to ruin the perfect holiday of your dreams. Don’t let this tiny problem to spoil all your efforts!
Oriflame has, and this time also :-), thinking in advance for you, and has prepared a jumbo set for daily foot care, with a special, late summer, discount. Order this marvelous set today, and you can save up to, unbelieving, 50%. Look in up in our latest catalog. The set consists of Feet Up Reviving Foot Spay (which very effectively masks the odor of your feet), Feet Up Antiperspirant Pine &Witch Hazel Foot Cream (which present highly effective  anti-perspirant foot cream, which leaves your feet refreshed, smooth and soft with divine pine and hazel scent)) and Feet Up Nourishing Beeswax Foot Cream (presents a truly amazing and powerful cream which deeply nourish your feet with its mighty and highly powerful ingredient beeswax). And, as a special and limited edition is Summer Foot File (with this handy and mighty tool in your purse, you won’t ever be in above described situation, because your heels (and your feet, in general) will look absolutely gorgeous in every single situation. Simply by using this very practical and highly useful tool, you are in a position, to, finally, once forever to file away all the calluses, cracks and smooth rough spots. This is an amazing offer, which you don't wanna miss it!

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