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Saturday, 19 July 2014


 In case, you maybe wonder what toner really does for your skin, is that beauty product presents the absolutely necessity nowadays, what are the exact and noticeable benefits that we can get by its regular (daily) usage… and similar questions, you don’t have to worry, you aren’t the only one. These questions are struggling women all over the world. Let's clarify things a bit…
                   Today, on the global markets, skin toners are very popular beauty products. They can occur as a cream, as a part of the cleanser or a lotion. They all do the same job. The main function of every toner is to shrink the pores to their minimum and to rejuvenate the skin. The best thing you could do here is to include a quality toner to your skin care regime. But, in order to do so, you should be aware of some crucial benefits that they can offer to your skin and how to choose the right one.
                   The very first thing you should know, that the skin daily care routine starts with a cleanser, which is the most common, followed by a toner and then comes moisturizer (the vast majority of us, pretty often, simply skip the “toning part” and put their daily cream when they clean their face. And that’s completely wrong. Read the following text and you will be, very soon, clear why. Although, the crucial benefits of a certain toner depend on the quality ingredients in it, the main function of a quality toner should be to help improve the look of the skin. Read on (and learn a bit :-)) which toner to choose, depending on what you need for your skin:

1. Refresh

                   We already said that the main intention of an each toner should be to help remove remaining makeup or any other impurities that can occur in the skin. Note that the toners often provide a refreshing element after stepping out of a hot shower or even during the summer heats when your skin (and the whole body) is more prone to sweating. You should pick up a toner that contains vitamins and antioxidants, that will help refresh your skin, providing a boost of energy and calm. Some ingredients in a toner (like aloe vera or witch hazel) can help when it comes to tighten your skin up and also to improve its overall look.

2. Rejuvenate

              It isn’t any secret that some toners, which contain fortifying elements (such as, for example: Vitamins A, C and E) can and will help a lot in rejuvenating the skin, at the same time, this magical toner will simulate your cell production and also will reduce the damage done by free radicals. When applying regularly (on a daily basis) toner will provide a protective barrier that will help your skin retain moisture and maintain the capillary walls.
3. Shrink Pores
             In our markets we can find some toners, which contain the very useful botanical extracts that can (and will) help tighten your pores (cutting down the risk of allergies or any impurities which can occur from them. That fact will help you out to avoid miscreated and pretty painful blemishes or even ugly pimples).
Tip + Pay additional attention when you choose these kinds of toners, because it presents an astringent, which usually contains alcohol (and by alcohol, as an ingredient in your toner, your skin might be further irritated.

4. Cleanse Dead Skin

                  Many toners, these days, contain exfoliating agents that can help remove the flakes of your dead skin and, at the same time, helps your skin to maintain the natural brightness and also help to prevent ingrown hairs (the toners which are used for this purpose are the ones which have alpha hydroxyl or glycolic acids in its composition)
5. Moisturize

                  By cleaning your skin with the cleanser you will, the most likely, remove the biggest part of moisture from your skin, but you shouldn’t be worried about this fact, this all can be avoided by simply applying the adequate toner after cleanser. Toner will help you to replace this crucial amount of moisture and bind it to your skin. By using the toners with peony flower extract or royal jelly, you can be absolutely sure that your skin had been 100% protected from the removing this vital amount of moisture from your skin.
6. Balance Skin pH
                  And the very last thing, when we are talking about the benefits of picking the right toner is maintaining your skin balance (pH level). As we are already familiar with the fact, our skin normal pH level is in the range around 5-6. By regularly applying the skin toner, which will strip the natural oil and, thanks to that fact, it will help our skin to remain healthy and pure. So, in case that you may be wondering, what is the best way to maintain your skins pH levels? We'll solve this mystery for you-the answer is so obvious- USE A TONER :-)!

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