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Sunday, 13 July 2014


You want to look fashionable this summer? Then hide away his razor, and hear expert Oriflame Carl Eklund - he will tell you all about why it is not necessary to shave and how to properly care for the bristles.
You are in stubbleGeorge Clooney made his unshaven hallmark. Brad Pitt almost never appears in public without a beard. But not only Hollywood superstars grow a stubble! Oriflame expert Carl Eklund reveals the secrets of creating the most contemporary male image of the season.

Why would a beard out of fashion, and the bristles on the contrary, has become a stylish accessory?
- Facial - an obvious trend, and it is developing its own laws. Today, lush beard out of fashion, and well-groomed hair, on the contrary, entered. It gives you a manly appearance, but it does not draw on all the attention.

What a beard - or what stubble - fashionable to wear in summer and autumn in 2014?
- There are many trends, but they tend to depend on the shape of your face and your hair. Facial necessarily correspond to your individual features: for example, if you have a rectangular face, you will approach a beard, which is slightly shorter in the chin and slightly longer on the sides. But in any case I advise you seek the assistance of a barber or hairdresser.

Your favorite "unshaven" image?
- It depends on the shape of the face and its features: There are several options to wear the right stubble. Working in the beauty industry, I see two trends that are about to become mainstream: in the style of mustache Tom Selleck and clean-shaven face.
And who of stars, in your opinion, today inspires men to let the stubble?
- Earlier men was available only way to look well-groomed, clean shave. But when stars such as David Beckham and Brad Pitt began to appear in public with stubble on his face, was nowhere to retreat, everyone realized that this stylish and elegant, and this understanding is firmly lodged in their heads. the bristles could make a man more interesting In terms of appearance?

You are in stubble

- Stubble adds masculinity, besides you can always choose a style - a more natural, or more sophisticated, requiring partial haircuts and shaving.

Important not to forget that if you want to look modern, over the bristles must take good care of - this trend has nothing to do with negligence!

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