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Sunday, 13 July 2014


Most lucid minds of our community of experts willing to share with you tips on natural skin care products. Meet!
Changes in the environment affecting our health as well as on the exterior. So many women around the world are beginning to pay more attention to the beauty of what was done, they enjoy. So is there a difference between "natural" and "organic" ingredients, and that it is better for your skin? We decided to refer the matter to the real experts. Meet Natasha Williams O'Hanlon, Ph.D., a member of the World Production Center Oriflame in Ireland and Emma Carney, Senior Researcher Clinical testing facilities Research Center Oriflame - our main clever academic council of experts on skin care.

Natural beauty

What is the difference between organic and natural ingredients?
All organic ingredients are natural. At the same time, to keep the "organic" status, extraction of natural components of plants should be held to strict standards - from land preparation, cultivation and harvest to processing the final product, and be subject to independent verification. Why do you suggest to use products for skin care with organic ingredients? - When we choose cosmetics with organic ingredients for skin care products, we choose the guarantee of origin of components. All these ingredients, as well as the products themselves, mined and built using carefully developed standards and fit a variety of consumers.

Natural beauty

What impact organic foods have on our skin?

- Natural cosmetics (eg, Ecobeauty - approx. Eds.) contains high levels of natural ingredients derived from renewable plant sources, and does not contain synthetic fragrances and ingredients based on petrochemicals.


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