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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Quench your THIRSTY SKIN

We already have talked about the importance to keep our facial skin (as well as the entire body) healthy and properly hydrated. We, women, are in fact in the last couple of years, become an expert in this field :-).
Despite being the largest organ in the human body, the skin has pretty often taken for granted (that’s pretty unfair, is it?). To be (and to stay) healthy, we have to make some time to devote to this vital organ, of course, in a daily basis. Here, in this particular article, we will be talking about the best daily creams, which are affordable these days on the global markets and which are, at the same time, tailored to your skin type. Please, note the following: Whatever your skin type, you can create (and stick to it) a daily regimen with top quality items at affordable prices.
As we all know, the women’s skin is naturally much softer and gentler than men’s (maybe for this reason, we are called “the gentle gender” :-)). But, at the same time, as the years pass, our skin is much more subjected to drying out (from hot water, harsh soaps and long baths (which we adore, I know :-)) or our skin simply becomes drier and flakier with age. Luckily, nowadays, the worldwide market is full with the most various daily moisturizers, which are able to restore the biggest part of our lost softness that the aging took from us away. Some of the ingredients that have been, pretty often, found in facial skin products are: various peptides, retinols, and fatty acids (for example: ceramides) are also used in body creams and moisturizers. Like all the products which are related to our skin, it is crucial that they are matched with our skin type. By keeping your skin cells properly hydrated and plumped up with the top quality moisture, you can be absolutely certain that you’re holding the key of your perfect skin complexion.

You can also Find Your Own Skin-Care Routine That Really Works

And here, I’ve created, an easy to follow, daily routine (when we are talking about facial creams for the day) adjusted to four (basic) skin types:
1.     Normal or Combination Skin;
2.     Oily Skin;
3.     Dry or Mature Skin and
4.     Sensitive Skin.

1.     If you have Normal or even Combination skin (you belong to a group of very lucky few :-)), mainly because you are free of some obvious issues (like acne, deep wrinkles…) but, at the same time, your skin tends to be oily, mainly along the T-zone, and dry on the cheeks, so, in order to solve this “tiny problem”, you have to choose a facial beauty products with dual functions. The best solution here will be to pick up a very light, oil-free daily cream with an SPF factor at least 15 (preferably higher for every area of your complexion) that will solve this problem out.

2.     But, if you have an Oily Skin Complexion, your primary goal should be: to keep your pores clear (without being over dried, but shouldn’t you go to the other extreme, either (that can result in rebound greasiness)). But, at the other hand, don’t renounce the amazing and powerful moisturizing products- just be sure that they won’t cause any ugly blemishes. Oily skin, the most often, doesn’t require much extra moisture; it DOES need a proper protection of a very broad spectrum of different sunscreens during the all year round. Our advice here will be also to look up for an oil-free formula with (at least) SPF 15.   

3.     However, if you have Dry or Mature Skin Complexion the very first thing you should know that your skin longs for adding as much moisture as possible (since your skin doesn’t produce an adequate dose of natural skin oil). Therefore, you won’t go wrong, no matter how much you put your facial cream on your face, your skin will absorb it amazingly fast and, at the same time, this cream will work to repair a really vast range of age-related damage (such as deep wrinkles, ugly dark spots, skin, discoloration…). It’s a myth (believe me) that you, by age 18, have already been done all the skin damage that you can in your lifetime. These are absolute rubbish and nonsense!!! In order to forestall further wrinkles and spots, you should, on a daily basis, apply a cream with a humectants (like ceramides), plus proper factored sunscreen.

4.     And the last type- Sensitive Skin. If you have this type of the skin, you should pick up your daily creams very carefully, because your tender skin is irritated from a various kinds of ingredients. You should focus on very light formula creams, which haven’t got greasy nor sticky effect and which will provide for your tender skin properly care and, at the same time, will be nourished and left it fresher and naturally illuminated. Also, you have to pay additional attention when it comes to SPF factor, it should be, at least 20 or higher, in order to protect your sensitive skin (as we have recently talked about, sensitive skin is the most susceptible to the harmful sun rays). It is widely known fact that the people with this skin type, pretty easy are getting sun burns, and, very often, they have a problem getting (and maintaining) tan.

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