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Thursday, 17 July 2014

No-Stress Solutions TO FRESHER EYES!

Probably, the very first question that you asked for yourself was: “Do I Really Need an Eye Cream?” In this article, I will give my best, in order to give the answer to this question, so you should stay with me :-).
          So many times in my life, I’ve heard the promises like: “Eye creams will 100 % cut to the minimum (or even erase!!!) ALL SIGNS OF AGING! (???), such as: fine lines around eyes, thin (but deep) wrinkles and dark circles!”
 But, I could resist and have asked: “But, aren’t eye creams the same beauty product like moisturizers, just in smaller packages and a lot more expensive? I don’t get that!” Then, my dermatologist was so kind to clarify, bit things for me related to eye creams. She explained to me that eye creams are formulated specifically for the delicate skin around the eye, so they have to be a bit thicker. They should contain a bit more oil than a regular facial cream and, in addition, they possess a lot of active and highly effective ingredients, which are intended for resolving the many problems in the area around the eyes.
          As we already know it, the skin area around our eyes is the most sensitive area of our face. It is so fragile, fatigue, very prone to dryness and can pretty reliably show age. But, why we have these “problems” around our eyes? What causes them? Constantly squinting and also the eye movements (especially when we are smiling or frowning) also can hasten the appearance of these fine lines and wrinkles, and, of course, fluids, which is being collected under our eyes, can cause so annoying dark circles.
          But, luckily for us, eye creams can solve some of these problems. Both, fine lines and wrinkles, occur as a result of the sun rays damages and because our skin making less collagen, as we get older. Collagen allows for the skin to maintain elasticity (some ingredients, this is scientifically proven, can boast a level of collagen production. These substances are: Vitamin C, various peptides, well-know powerful Retinol-A, ceramide and hyaluronic acid (it can help with preventing the water loss in the skin of the whole body and by improving the skin’s elasticity).

Yes, it is the bare truth that eye creams are the most common (and the least invasive, too) “procedure” when it comes from attempting to reverse signs of aging. Because, there are so many options available, nowadays, maybe it isn’t a bad solution to ask for a dermatologist for his professional opinion, when it comes to picking (and buying) the right eye cream. He/she can prescribe you the right beauty product, which will give the best possible and the most visible results pretty quickly (some product might consist (already mentioned) Retin-A or any other effective ingredient). The good news here is these products don’t have to cost you a fortune, and a less expensive one, which you could buy in every drugstore or pharmacy, could do also the job right. Consistent using of these eye creams with a combination of simple daily cleaning routine presents a really good start and (in time) this routine will lead to noticeable and remarkable results.

So, you shouldn’t be afraid of the years, let them come. Each epoch brings something of their own, something special and new. Don’t be afraid of aging!
Nowadays, a modern technology in the service of beauty, so you have nothing to afraid of :-)

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