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Tuesday, 1 July 2014


We talked fashion and beauty with Stella Moniq, . Here she shares her fashion and beauty favorites for summer.
Which fashion and beauty trend you're going to focus on this summer?
- Natural, playful and sexy! White garments in combination with light denim will follow me throughout the summer. The skin should be cleaned with cleansing and moisturizing creams. Light Summer makeup and natural, sun-bleached hair will make a relaxed and natural style.

What does your signature look into the summer?
- My signature look for summer all-white! After a very black autumn and winter, I'm ready for better times, and shall find all I have of white tank tops, shirts, T-shirts and shorts. In addition, I must invest in some key garments for summer. The first thing I'll buy is a completely white suit, and the wide dress pants and blazer be used both separately and together - with just tanned skin underneath. Bermuda shorts, flat sandals and flared trousers in white is also on the shopping list for the summer. Who is your beauty and fashion icons? - A fashion icon that I'd changed wardrobe with, super model Erin Wasson. She looks amazing in absolutely everything she puts on, and I dream to be as bold in style like her. Beauty icon mine is the gorgeous supermodel Behati Prinsloo. She radiates health and purity, but in a apathetic, playful and sexy way.

Can you give your best tips on how to easily renew their fashion and beauty style summer?
- Starting new and fresh for the summer! Take a detox in both wardrobe and makeup drawer. Find out what you do not use what is broken and what you need. Throw, give away, sell what you have done and invest in key garments you want and the products you know you're going to need to make-up bag. My tip is to invest in bright clothing and a good bronzer. Do not be afraid to use some color on eyeliners and lips when it suits perfectly combined with sun-kissed skin.

What beauty products can you not do without in the summer?
- I am ashamed a little ashamed to admit it, but it was not until fairly recently that I learned about the importance of great beauty routines. Before I could skimp with both cleansing and sunscreen, and the result was sensitive skin might feel dry and oily interchangeably, and I often got acne outbreaks. Now I have been very careful to clean twice a day, and I never use less than SPF 30 on the face. It has meant that I do not have to overcompensate with a lot of makeup. But I still always use bronzer and mascara and red lips at a party is always a safe bet. Could you give us your best beauty tips? - Not careless with cleansing and sunscreen! If I do not feel top notch, I clean off all makeup give myself a home spa treatment with a nourishing facial mask. It feels good, gives skin a natural glow, and I feel I rebooted myself. It works every time! 

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