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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

MATTE On the Go!

I know how hard it is to have an oily skin, and how exhausting it can be to keep to the strict daily regime, in order to achieve more-or-less healthy skin. But, the beauty doesn’t have the cost, right? :-). Everything for the beauty (and other slogans :-P)! Let’s back to the subject… oily skin… right. It can also be pretty confusing to know what you suppose to do in order to get an amazing skin. This simple (step-by-step) guide, will outline both- a simple daily routine and discussing about the products, which you need to possess (or buy) if you have an oily skin.
But, before I start to stress out some facts related to oily skin, I have some good news for all of you, who have the same “issues” as me. My dermatologist once have said to me (and later I’ve read that in Cosmopolitan -so, it is a 100 % bare truth! Cosmo wouldn’t ever lie to me! :-)), I am pretty lucky because I have an oily skin! (???). The very first thought, which had occurred in my mind was:” Is she drunk? How on earth I can feel (or even worse, be) lucky because I have to, every damned day (twice  a day, actually) to consistently repeat an exhausting ritual to my facial skin, in order to even remotely resembled on something?!” Then, she’ve told me that an oily skin isn’t a fertile ground for getting wrinkles, and that my face will much longer stay youthful! "At least something good come out of all this trouble" - I thought. Indeed, while the vast majority of my friends got the first fine wrinkles, my face is still flawless, all thanks to my oily skin! :-)
Now you feel better, right? Excellent. :-) Now, where were we? Oh, yes...    No matter how hard it is, you should resist the temptation (or at least, try to) to touch your face or (much worse scenario) to squeeze and pop your pimples!
This very first step and also THE CRUCIAL ONE! And here’s why. When you touch your face, you are (unintentional, of course) transferring the countless bacteria from your hands to your face. That dirt from your fingers will get trapped in your pores, and that can lead to various inflammatory processes (like pretty unattractive and painful (not to mention, pretty ugly) pimples. If you have to touch your face, the much better solution here would be to use Face Blotting Tissues (Oriflame has these in a very practical pack of 50 wipes). This magical oils-absorbent paper will work excellent, but you will need to switch them from time to time, or you’ll transfer the oil and all that dirt back to your face. Feel free to try them out and see it for yourself (just in case, you don’t believe me: -)). AND HERE THE CRUCIAL RULE- Never, BUT NEVER  squeeze your pimples- no matter how it itches or tempting it really is. It will look even worse (and hurts like hell :-)) and it will the most probably, though, leave an ugly scar.
    If you, by any chance, don’t have them in your cosmetic bag, you’ll need to buy a highly effective cleanser, helpful facial toner, a day/night powerful moisturizer, a pack of cotton pads and a really reliable face mask, (urgently, please :-));

Caution: Pick them up according to your skin type. My reference here would be to buy them in a pharmacy or let your dermatologist prescribe for you.

  If you want to have a healthy skin, you ought to accept the fact, that you’ll have to cleanse, tone and moisturize your face skin twice a day,  for the rest of your life (in the mornings and evenings, no skipping and without any miserable excuses!);

Personally, for me, it was really the hardest thing of all, to get used to practice this “rule”. But, the good news here is, once you reconciled with it and “adopt this principle”, very soon it become a matter of habit, you even pay less attention.
A couple minutes after cleaning, you should tone your face with your toner (the best way would be by using a cotton pad) and right after that step, you are to follow the next- to moisturize your face (of course, with a cream day/night which is suitable to your skin type);
  Once or even twice a week, you should be practicing to exfoliate your face with an exfoliating face wash;

And the last “tip” from me, in this article, is: if you notice that your skin isn’t improving after a while (let’s say- a month's time), it might be the right time to switch the beauty product and try out something a bit different (the most often is quite enough to switch the company, but to stick with the vital ingredients).


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