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Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Behind the scenes at our campaign photography took Oriflame editor Sanna Franklin Speak with top model Kim Feenstra. Here she tells us about her favorite look, and how the model profession changed her life.
When I met Kim Feenstra on the set of Oriflame Athena campaign photography, she was dressed in a long white dress. Her skin was golden and hair and makeup impeccable. It is hard to believe that this glorious beauty has had anything but a perfect life. Nine years ago, Feenstra worked as a prostitute, as an actress in pornographic films and was convicted of theft. Today she is the top model and face of some of the best brands around the world, TV presenter and actress.

How did you model?
- I was discovered when I was 20 by a Parisian modeling agent. The moment they found me on the street was my life changed. One year later my best friend wrote me up for Holland's Next Top Model and I won. , you've gone through a lot in life. Do you think that your past has hurt or helped you? - I've learned a lot from my past, and it has helped me to not be naive. I have a strong personality thanks to it and that is one thing models should have. People who are not in the fashion industry think that models live a glamorous life, but the truth is that you have to have thick skin. Models must deal with rejections all the time - people criticize, and sometimes it feels as if one is just a product, and not man. One can also feel very lonely as a model because you travel a lot alone. You've been quoted: "Life is a party - but you need to decorate for the party itself." What did you mean by that? - Sometimes life is a bumpy road, but we must remain positive. You can have many people around you who want to help you, but ultimately it's up to you. I could be negative about the fact that I grew up with 50% hearing loss, but I choose to think of it as a good thing because I have the advantage of blocking out all sounds around me. Think positive, because there is no one else who can do for you.

Kim Feenstra about:

- I am careful when I'm in the sun and always use sunscreen. 'S FAVORITE LOOK: - I love summer glow. Brilliant, shimmering and suntan! When I'm on TV or going on an interview, and they ask what makeup look I want, I refer to J.Lo and her glow. She uses no heavy makeup, but is still very beautiful. It is the style I had on today's photography! HER VACATION DREAMS: - I have now been in 58 countries and I still counts! I want to remember all the experiences when I get older. I have never been to Russia - but I really want to go there! My dream vacation is enough Lapland, because I dream of seeing the Northern Lights! FAVOURITE PLACE: - One of my most beautiful experiences was on a visit to Ethiopia; it was awesome.

- It is the first film I was in, which was shown in theaters. I am also very proud of my first article for Italian Vogue.

- I spend a lot of time with friends and family ... and my dog. It sounds a like a cliché, but it is my hobbies!


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