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Wednesday, 23 July 2014


    We all have heard of the famous „regime“ (better expression is: the way of living) called Wellness. Maybe, some of us even tried to live according to Wellness and these are outstanding news :-). Well done, I’m so proud of you!
For those, who might be hearing for this expression for the very first time, let me refer you a bit better what the wellness truly are, and in the a couple of basic stuff, which matters, when it comes to wellness. Firstly, to clarify the word meaning-Wellness presents, some kind, of a truly active (and live) process, in which we are becoming fully aware of making choices (in our whole life) towards healthy and fulfilled life. It presents being free from illness, it is a truly dynamic and constant process of change and also moving forward (keep progressing and constant growth).
But, Why the Wellness Truly Matters?
    In order to reach a high quality of  life, maintaining an optimal level of our wellness, is an absolutely essential thing. Wellness truly matters, because everything that is happening in our life be it good or bad, everything that we do, every single emotion is closely related to our well-being. In return, our body (well-being) has the direct impact of all our actions and emotions, and, at the same time-it presents the ongoing and unstoppable circle of life. In the world we are living nowadays, there are a plenty of various stressful situations in which we can find ourselves in. Therefore, it is highly important to every single man (or woman) to achieve an optimal level of wellness, in order to cut down to the very low minimum, stress, and thereby reduce the risk of the various illnesses (it is worth mention here that is proven that the stress is a direct contender (or a trigger, at least) of many serious diseases such as heart attacks, hypertension, diabetes, and various diseases of the endocrine glands...) and helps ensure positive interactions.
    There are seven basic dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, environmental, social, spiritual, intellectual and occupational. The crucial thing here is to fully understand, that each of these dimensions are interrelated with another and each one of them is equally important in achieving the optimum level of  health. For instance, it’s not the rare case that one can reach an optimal level of wellness, simply by fully understanding how to maintain and optimize each of the seven basic dimensions of wellness. But, we, here in this particular article, will be focused on the very first dimension of the wellness “regime”- a physical one.
    Physical wellness presents promotion of the proper (basic) care of our body, in order to achieve the main goal- the optimal level of health and functioning. Therefore, all of the many elements of physical wellness must be cared for together. Under this term, I consider the balance of all three- physical activity, nutrition and mental well-being. As we become more and more conscious of our physical health, we are becoming more able to properly assess the other elements (dimensions) in which we would like to improve.
Physical Activity
    As we all very well know, physical activity is everything about being (and maintaining) in top condition. There are the numerous benefits of being in top shape, like physical activity will keep our muscles properly strengthen, also can help in reducing risks of both-disease and stroke and, in addition to all, it allows for your whole body to boost of energy.
    When it comes to nutrition, it is highly important to, in a way, nature our body thought eating (and drinking) a properly-balanced natural diet wellness products. Feel free to fill in yourself with a variety of nutrients, as well as the various and essential vitamins from the nature. That will strengthen both, your body and soul, and not only will keep you away from the vast number of illnesses, but will raise your whole body immunity! There is nothing better than to live in harmony with nature! Be free to leave yourself in her safe hands :-)!
Mental Well-Being
This proper, and full of the essential vitamins, nutrition presents the key to improving your overall emotional wellness (not only it will clearer, shape and sharpen your emotions, thoughts and overall understanding of mankind) but, you will also be able to feel how cool and awesome feeling is to, in a way, restore your sense of self-esteem as well as a self-control.
I’m pretty sure that it is, now, much easier for you to understand this whole philosophy called wellness :-), and, while many of you, who haven’t already practiced this wellness “regime”, with the help of the this text, actually had realized the essential importance to live in harmony with both, with nature and with each other, and will start (hopefully :-)) practicing the wellness “regime”. Not only because it is now fashionable, but, mainly because it is the only true path to health.

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