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Sunday, 13 July 2014


Evgeny Fedorov, journalist and owner of the store, believes that the recipe for success - is understanding the target audience, the correct pricing, efficient system of discounts and fun party for regular customers once a month. opened in 2009, in a time of economic crisis. Quite fashionable public was not ready for online purchases. It seemed that it's inconvenient - buy clothes, seeing a picture on the screen. but waited a resounding success - he played the role of one of the first Internet projects, which proved the convenience of online shopping and taught Moscow fashionistas dress, without losing a minute on a shopping trip. Now a successful shop Fyodorovskaya Jenny and her business partner Elena Popova delivers to Russia, brought to Moscow, young designer labels, many of which are not represented in any other shop in the city, publishes research in his blog on style and fashion-shoots vivid history on new collections.

Fashion for you is a business or art?
- It's business. It only fueled art and intersects with it, but it is rather light industry. That is, production, trade and sales. Fashion collections, shooting and performances devoted to the new collections may be on the verge of high art that has no direct commercial benefit, but only the image component. And yet they do not play a key role; designer for success - a synonym for the word "sale." Most often, the talent and the ability to create interesting patterns coincide with high sales. It is rare that a person inept and sold well. I'm sure: it is impossible to cheat buyers and shove under the guise of a fake masterpiece. For the business to be successful, it is important to understand this.

Why were you confident of success?
- When we opened in Russia was almost no online stores. Niche was empty. There were already some big portals monsters, but chamber music, specializing in young designer did not exist. Now a lot of them. And if I was starting now, I would a thousand times thought it worth the risk. Probably still would start, because I and now our business is very interesting. And then it was easy to decide. We chose the path of the pioneers in this field. But in fact, in the business and possible reverse option. Look at the street Dmitrovka: there are many bars, but all the time there are new. In each of these places you will not find on Friday. Sometimes it's not a bad idea: to discover something close to what already works well. When people pass by - and they will enter you.

You are presented with Western and Russian designers. How do you decide who is right for you?
- According to the Privacy Policy. In most cases, domestic designers - are artists. They refer to their creations as art objects. A fashion - a world of mass-produced objects. I am absolutely sure that each designer is very important to meet business professionals who want to correctly position and sell his product. Light industry is only called easy, actually establish production and marketing, while working on the intermediates - PR and marketing - one person can not do.

What do you like to wear most?
- Dresses. This is an important tool in order to get in shape. Sometimes did not want to leave the house, not in the mood, but we must leave. In such cases, the risk is very high wear shapeless sweatshirts and black pants. If you collect into a fist, and select one of your favorite dresses, the mood really changed. Than fine clothes, and why people are always interested in fashion? The fact that it creates a mood, changes your status and makes you feel confident.

Makeup should be a complement to the dress?
- I'm all for that look natural. From cosmetics I use moisturizer and oil for the face. In creams for body and hands me important pleasant aroma. And of makeup only recognize ink, the rest of me, frankly, too lazy to use. But since we are doing and cosmetics, I follow trends. I love that people are more and more interested in detox, drink green juices, use applications and special gadgets to count calories. And, of course, one of the best summer trends - bright paints of all colors.

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